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I suggest you look through all the links and pages here to help you – and perhaps go to the shop and check out all the amazing suites of self help info you can download instantly there. Easy birthing especially.

Having a natural, ecstatic undisturbed birth – only if you fit the hospital parameters? How to? Change what is happening yourself – baby can shift position – you can be vastly more ready to birth.

There is a lot of information here freely shared.
 WARNING!! I expect you to think and to take charge – it is your life.

I tend to work to fit in with the crazy hours some work – so I am mostly in the clinic on Saturdays and after work most nights. Ring me and leave an email –

I am a problem solver. Across many modalities.

I expect that there is always a Simple. Natural. Solutions.

Usually go back to what people always used to do.

Especially eat better.

Rest more.

I do not play the ‘support-IVF’

Medical interventions are not about respecting your body and the baby who is as yet unmade, but about making any baby and if it is not so good – doing it all over again – we need to know why sex is not making babies – and it is not ‘endometriosis’ or ‘PCOS’ alone, but the modern bad living that has created this, and the terrible sperm that all think at 4% LOOKING normal is fertile – when in years past, it had to be AT LEAST 80% looking normal – think about it – what pass mark for a driving test is 4%?

Need great ingredients – what are they?

Baby would not agree with the unnatural deliveries that women are choosing to have as they believe it will make their lives easier – as it doesn’t. Baby and you need to feel and love each other – on the way through to your arms and also for the rest of your lives together.

Bonded undisturbed birthing will let you love your baby, and your new life. All the ‘safe’ births in the world do not make a happy mum or an easy baby.


I say – if you want to be a bonded mother with an easy bonded baby to love and enjoy being 100% with – back home – get real – and get with the hormones mother nature intended to allow you to stay sane and happy as  a mum!!

And baby who just knows what to do with your nipples!!!  Maybe start thinking about what sort of MUM you want to be – not what fears birth (which you haven’t done before and may be AMAZING!! has in store for you).

There is always a reason normal is not happening – and once this is fixed, life resumes as nature intended. Be that birthing easily, ecstatically and undisturbed as all mammals need to – or actually catching a well baby within you.

Do drugs given to mums affect baby? What sort of baby do you want? Easy to love?

Perhaps start with expectations of perfect and see your hormones as your helpers

like a marathon – prepare to be in love and loved at birth and beyond, by baby


This means that i also do not suggest you put your and your baby’s future at risk by acquiescing to all the recent  fear based technologies and scanning that can wreck your peace of mind and are not proven to be safe – let alone even needed in a pregnancy.

Nutrition in is the key and not from a western trained dietician – but someone who has health at heart.

Mothers always knew how to raise, nurture and love their families through their efforts in the kitchen. How did we lose the idea that mums mother and ‘science’ knows best?


Good ingredients, safe happy mum growing a content peaceful healthy baby – is this not what you think will follow a positive pregnancy test?

Maybe your new car purchase had more planning spent on it .. .what is more important – the car or a person who is being made by your choices right now – or not – as nature thinks it will not be a good idea – why not check out whether one or both of you could not be in a far better state to gift half all another will be ever – by following a more natural simple lifestyle – thus making better sperm, better eggs, and thus a better baby?

Why go to IVF FIRST instead of working out why babies are not flowing in your life as nature would have them 30+ years ago – there must be some reason that you can cheaply and safely, effectively alter – and then go about making your family as your family always would have – back through time..

If you wish to learn how to have an easy baby, an easy life – please read what is here with an open mind.


Before IVF came along, it was very easy to help couples have babies. Return her cycle and hormones and periods to normal – and almost all got pregnant within three months. At least, all knew this automatically.

Men did not need to do very much, as they were all fertile ENOUGH back then (‘fertile’ was having at least 80.5% LOOKING normal – not anything over 3% as is the case now) and any changes she made, helped them both become parents.

About Me (Heather Bruce)

I have been working in helping women achieve easy periods, and couples attain easy fertility, easy pregnancy and easy parenting over the past 35 years in Brisbane, and in the past 8 years on the West Coast of the South Island, and in Christchurch. NZ.

In the seventies, I was the only natural therapist in Brisbane working in the field. I enjoyed working with what was ‘hard’ or ‘hopeless’. I easily found answers to previously difficult fertility and pregnancy issues (especially ongoing miscarriage and stillbirth).

About you

You may pause here – do you want a perfect run? Do you want to be well in pregnancy? Do you want a bonny, strong healthy baby who is easy to raise? Easy periods, easy sexuality, easy fertility, easy pregnancy, easy birthing, easy babies .. . Nowadays everyone claims to know how to return a damaged and difficult cycle, a wounded body and soul, and an infertile man back to wellness – so how much are you investing in hoping they know  what to do?

How much are you doing to ensure your baby is as strong and vibrant as possible YOURSELF – not just swallowing pills and coming on for sessions? Do you think that babies just happen to be healthy?

About men and fertility

Back in the days before the brave new expensive nature-bypass reproductive technologies, if men were told their sperm was ‘no good’, they would not be a dad unless they saw someone like me – or consented to donor sperm being used. This caused most to take evasive action. Some men came along to become healthier, thus more fertile.

Farmers know the answer

What has happened in the 2000’s?

In the late ‘70’s from the area of being apparently ‘hopeless’, prior to any artificial reproductive technology, to the heady days in the 80’s when IVF started and the individual was treated with massive respect as they embarked on their journey (when men were fertile), it was usual to have at the end of very successful IVF, too many leftover perfect embryos – after easily making many children quickly.

The main problem couples had, was what to do with them?  Often 10 or 15 really good embryos – LEFT OVER.

Through the ‘90’s, where fixed protocol started taking over, and women were blamed for being ‘too old’, and when endometriosis was seen as the scourge – to now in 2013 when it is all about taking a test, (AMH) and the results saying – ‘your eggs are no good’. . . as though this is not addressed through living better and picking up health on the way – to better babies. . .

Begin your parenting journey believing you need more than just a healthy body – and you fall into the clutches of the retail industry of modern illness ‘care’.

There are people who get paid all along the way – who have made an industry out of your fears – awaiting with all manner of reasons why baby may be made wrong – born wrong – and succumb to dread disease – or you could relax and let health take you where it always did for all your family line – survival of this fittest – make the fittest – be the fittest first!

Begin parenthood in the stressed mess you may find yourself in – desperate to conceive – especially if you are using ICSI as the sperm ‘need help’ – and the your parental journey may be super fraught.

Also expensive and possibly not ending in arms full of babies.  You can always go to the reproductive specialist if all other avenues – like getting healthier – don’t work – but they are the end of the baby line – not the beginning.

Please listen to your body, not the modern slant on what is, and is not happening through the medical model. If you choose to use IVF before seeing to your health and ensuring the sperm you to make a baby with is at least as good as his dad’s would have been (see the P/P – slide on rate decline) as well, I suggest you find someone who has much less experience than me in this field, who believes that they can ‘support’ making inferior babies with modern medicine.

A reproductive specialist is NOT a health specialist.

Now you are pregnant .. .

Obstetric problems are all preventable.

Maternal diet and maternal well being are easily adjusted – and not watchful waiting – but changing what – is happening = changes what is happening.

I do not support what is happening in any branch of modern obstetrics.

. . . why is a pregnancy term 41 weeks in France and 40 here? What is the push to evict babies before they are ready to come? Women questioning their innate abilities to breastfeed perhaps need to ask why humans seem the only mammals who reckon that they can’t.  Safest way to raise an infant – breast milk is an entire life support package.

If you are having problems – please contact me as it is often as simple as a tuneup/undoing all the trauma of listening to all that might (and possibly did) go wrong – and have a healing session and get some herbs to build you and the breast milk up.


No need to have it – or repeat it – again – there are easy solutions.


Not needed till after breastfeeding is finished – and why would this happen under at least a year old?
If this sounds outrageous – perhaps rethink what ‘safe’ birthing is – as the only safety baby has is attached to mum.

An induced, panicked end to pregnancy – who won there – past the medicos? Baby quite possibly did not.
Where is the nutritional and the emotional support needed for new mums to win over their doubts and fears? Here is a start – perhaps go asking your eldest relations as they often have the wisdom that is time honoured and true.

Heather’s recent efforts have been around comfort in pregnancy as the mother’s body and ability to grow a strong baby seems lost in all the money that is made in worrying her unnecessarily (fetal testing and glucose tolerance testing at the expense of common sense) and who cares about Hyperemesis and severe back pain?

They are both endemic and easily remedied . . . . .

Both compromise baby and from there an imperfect baby means a colicky, unsettled and potentially vulnerable one when it comes to all the interference that is seen as being so important in this decade.

Learn how to take charge to raise a well child here.  See how Heather had to go through the mill to know all of this Heather’s own maternal adventure



Easy Pregnancy 

Easy Birthing

Healing After Birthing

Sustainable Parenting

INFERTILITY is prevalent in our society

Super Charge Your Sperm
Super Charge Your Sperm – Heather’s guide to boosting your man’s fertility

Sex (even once) used to make babies. When it does not, there is a problem – and modern reproductive medicine may have well slipped into money making mode, not baby making troubleshooting.

This leaves a couple with little choice, especially if one follows the medical /fertility specialists’ model of not following Nature.

In NZ I had a 100% success rate with couples naturally conceiving – even with those who were  told that they needed to use donor eggs. . . . (here in Brisbane also) – as the apparent need for donor eggs/sperm stems from bad health – and that is repairable – but not through visiting reproductive specialists as they don’t know how to help you improve your health (thus fertility).

When men realise a baby is half them, and should SHE have few issues, he has to be that much better.

Find out what you can do to change your lives. Mother’s Day is coming up again – do you want a baby in your arms by the 2013 one?

Act towards wellness now and find out what you can do to help yourself become parents of easy babies.

With Western Medicine not looking to fixing you so you can do it yourself, it is all about how much you want to hope, and how much you money and resources you want to throw away instead of focusing on quality baby making.

You only get to make them once – a good strong foundation – a great co operative loving partnership, and each partner’s health at optimum before trying to make babies.

If your ife is not full of babies and sex is happening – as was the case with our great grandparents, (without the vitamins) then the question remains – why not?

Sorting out the PCOS and endometriosis is as easy as following health restoration practices – not taking drugs.  Find out more – learn how to improve your chances of having easy babies.

Helping Mother Nature help you to become parents.  260+ pages of common sense – including the Supercharge Your Sperm – 30 pages for him to find out how to become a dad without ICSI and having to resort to using donor sperm.

Pregnant? Waiting to tell everyone? Miscarriages before now?

Avoiding Early Pregnancy Loss – a really big issue when quality baby making may have been glossed over to hurry nature – what you can do to avoid losing your precious baby.

Firstly don’t go to the reproductive specialists till you have done all that is mentioned in this eBook. Perhaps stop and look at getting the entire conscious conception package.

Helping Mother Nature Quality baby making is the first chapter of the DVD presentation ‘Getting There’ Heather’s entertaining and highly informative look at why you may not have children quite yet.

‘Wait till baby is born  . . . (and you will then feel better . . . . )

Common pregnancy and digestive disorders – firstly see if you can fix yourself yourself… go to the shop  and instantly buy the answers you are looking for:

All as a package for only $27 . . .

Considered ‘high risk’? 

Regardless of your health problem, natural medicine will lead your pregnant body back to wellness.

Balancing all the energies that are in a natural state of change in pregnancy, back to where you are comfortable.

Perhaps come and see Heather for a tuneup and a regular pregnancy wellness workout – normalize all those little aches and pains that are quality of life issues . . . Easy to alter any imbalance back to health.

Back ache and Sciatica and pelvic girdle pain and PS pain?

Back ache best treated not with physio, but acupuncture (and moxa – please download the free eBook at the top right).

Heather has many tricks that she shares with her colleagues, on forums and in teaching rounds.

When something is just not right – or indeed when everything is blooming perfectly, see what a few well placed acupuncture needles, oodles of life experience and some handy naturopathic advice can do to turn your pregnancy blues of any description around.

What Dads Can Do - a manual for partners of pregnant women
What Dads Can Do – a manual for partners of pregnant women

Help yourself and your partner ..

What Dads Can Do – a manual just for dad – explaining when he wants to know why and how – and when.  Complete with massage DVD and sold with two moxa sticks to sort out all back aches, fetal ideas of being in the ‘wrong’ spot, and to build up milk production after baby comes. HEATHER BRUCE, acupuncturist, naturopath, herbalist, lifestyle counsellor and author of “What Dads Can Do”, has practised acupuncture and been active in women’s health for over 30 years in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA. She has poured what she knows into this project so you can help yourselves – simply, practically and safely.

Why WOULD you want a natural birth?

Dr Michel Odent on his WombEcology website says: “An overview of the “Primal Health Research Data Bank” will convince anyone that our health is to a great extent shaped in the womb. We have now compiled hundreds of studies detecting correlations between states of health in adulthood, adolescence or childhood and situations when the mother was pregnant. There is also an accumulation of data suggesting that the way we are born has long-term consequences, particularly in the fields of sociability, aggressiveness, or, otherwise speaking, capacity to love.” Read more…

Secrets – lost in time . . .

– as women’s ways of knowing became discounted and waylaid. So many times we hear or say . . . If only I had known then . . . Yet how many times do we discount the wisdom of the ages and those who have gone before and go to the ‘experts’ that have never ever done what we are planning to do? Perhaps start with your own body.Not your fears – not what you have been told and what you possibly have believed till now – but your actual body.

  • Are your periods easy?
  • Is being a woman simple?
  • Is sex fun?
  • Are you fulfilled as a woman?
  • As a mother?

If no – why not?  Find out – and discover what you can do to heal yourself.

Livewell package includes all the massage and moxa and eating and detoxing and information on undoing how you got to where you are not happy – plus two MP3 guided meditation files . . .

Perhaps this is all you need to do before you succeed in being free from pain or monthly hassles – and possibly a mum, if this is what you want. Yes medicine may make embryos.  .. Healthy ones from unhealthy parents to be?

What next?

  • Early pregnancy losses?
  • High risk pregnancy?
  • Difficult labour?
  • Breastfeeding woes?
  • Post natal dramas?

Why not skip all of these by being well before making another being? Why not be in the best condition possible and joyously go about your woman’s life?

What to know more?

Liberate yourself from period pain, from PMS, from living in dread of the next month and all the ceremony that attends bleeding – or in fact YET another period –.. and no baby?

Baby making has become a very lucrative industry. Back when it held little status, only women were allowed to be present – now women are being crowded out … perhaps it is time to bring back the ‘knitting midwife’ as Dr Michel Odent says.

Ban the men– what do they know of women’s toil? Why even have pain in birthing?

Hormones. . .all that Dr Sarah J Buckley and Henci Goer say is soundly researched – and all they say is contrary to what is current ‘best practice’ in hospitalized midwifery . . .who should you listen to?

Rediscovered through my own maternal adventures . .. as a student, a practitioner, then a teacher of acupuncturists – spanning the thirty plus years as I became a mother of four, and a woman’s helper – through their own journeys spanning difficult periods, maternal troubles – or sub fertile years . . lives in their totality.

As a continuity-of-care natural health and healing worker on women into their menopausal and twilight years . . . using acupuncture, natural healing methods, herbs and good old common sense . . . I have helped many over the past four decades in and around Brisbane, Australia and Greymouth and Christchurch, New Zealand.

Let my experiences help you make sense of your world – wherever you live. Inside this site you will find much to do to help yourself – as it all comes down to how you live your life – not what someone else can do for you – but what you can do differently to help yourself.