I do not support what is happening in modern obstetrics

Knowing birth and pregnancy is safe and what women are designed to do got lost somehow.

Why not a home birth? ‘Risks’ happen in birthing at home or in hospital. Which ones do you want to deal with?

What happens with studies and statistics?

Watchful waiting rather than ensuring perfect babies through simple life changes is what I do. No need to scan and to worry . . take steps to ensure baby is perfect – both before conception and all through the pregnancy by attending a health restoration and wellness sessions. Amazing way to relax and return any tiny deviations from perfect – back to where they should be – optimum health!!

If you do go to the obstetrician – were is the nutritional advice? The assurance that nature is to be trusted and that birthing is safe? The reliance on nature in following each woman as she ripens? Where is the support for the woman to learn to listen to her own body and to become her own expert?

The normal birth specialist is a midwife. The person who is called in when normal is not happening is the obstetrician. They are surgeons, who in the past were great at ensuring the best outcome for mothers and their babies – with the minimum of fuss. All that changed in 1996 with the breech trials and a few insurance payouts to damaged babies and their parents. Now crisis aversion and their risk management through explaining what MIGHT go wrong abounds. Please become more informed.  Do you really need a C section if you have had one before?

Is the C section that all get directed to – even safe for either mum or baby? What about she next baby she has?

Being well and pregnant – means a midwife is where you go – you are not sick – just pregnant. If you believe your baby’s best start is with all the modern interventions, possibly you are not aware of the statistics, and maybe you have bought the idea that having a baby is a case of showing up at a hotel and coming home with a precious bundle. It could be different and it could even be fun.

If you have an obstetrician and want someone to help you have a natural birth, and are thinking if seeing me – please do not bother as you have disqualified yourself by choosing to have someone who is sending fear messages in all they do – rather than helping you make the easiest progression from being a couple, to a family.  You need a midwife and a back up public obstetrician if nature doesn’t work – and why would it not if you started really well and are looking after yourself and taking enough nutrients – especially magnesium?

Why do you need a surgeon as a backup? Why do you need a male expert who has never birthed – and who may not even TRUST birth? Maybe start to pay attention to those who did?

I see you for the rest of your life as I do all stages and all times of your and your family’s ups and downs, as a common sense, natural health care educator.  Hence my focus on your easy parenting in the future is from me being a continuity of care provider – not just as a reproductive specialist. You want the best baby, the best birth and the best and healthiest life possible – not just to be pregnant and to avoid your loved ones dying – that is a very low marker. Go for totally ecstatically bonded and breastfeeding easily – go natural.

Help yourself birth easily – home work to educate the pelvis so it JUST OPENS . .  –