Your choice . .

Health Enhancement or Death avoidance?

Should you vaccinate your child?

Your choice . .
You live with the consequences.
Either way . . .

This is not medical advice

I am a mother of a vaccine damaged set of children wondering why we are not given true informed consent.

Have you studied the vaccine package insert?
Are you aware of the immaturity of your baby’s immune system and what breastfeeding does?

This is the musings of a mother who DID vaccinate – and who found out after the events that she did not know enough – to her constant life long regret.
I am in good company . .as you perhaps also investigate as I did – and we usually only do if we suspect that something has happened that was unintended – then  . .

Ask yourself – what would nature do?
Not this culture, this decade this country – but what is natural?
Are children better off with the vaccination policies now?
Perhaps we can see what nature had in store for us had we been more mammalian about this?

Should you perhaps ask a few other questions first?

Perhaps have a look at how you make a great baby – naturally . ..

Looking at routine interventions and what long term multi generational and epigentic changes may happen?
Is anyone interested in making sure their grandchildren are as well as their own parents were?

Are you so sure that the children (and anyone) are better off with the adjuvants used in vaccines to mess with your body and its nutrients availability forever?
Is the health of those vaccinated better – or vastly worse – after such an insult?
Possibly read this and start your own research?

Ask yourself – “what would it mean to me if this were not a good idea, seeing its proponents seem to think that this single handedly will be saving people?” (From what – a lifetime of chronic ill health that needs managing as is now happening?)

Unfortunately not all of the story is given you in the midst of the retail marketing fear campaigns. Just stop and look at aluminium being a neurotoxin – destroys brain and nerve cells – as does mercury – and stops the mercury that is ‘back ground’ noise from getting out of the body naturally.

I wish to make it very clear that as a parent, I too had to think long and hard. I sincerely hope that the choices you make work for you and yours. This is not an anti vaxx rant – I vaccinated all my children with something – and later than expected – as I wanted to know that my children, as precious as they were to me as yours are to you, were as safe within the context of injecting foreign proteins and toxic chemicals into them, as was humanly possible to be.

Was it necessary? My first had his first injection at 5 1/2 years old. My 4th child – when he was 13 years old. When a baby is very little and being breastfed – I doubt it is important as breast feeding and being safe and loved. Until recently no one was so silly as to start vaccinating til the baby was at least 8 weeks old  (their little immune systems not able to deal with it) – I waited till at least twice this age, and only did a few of the ones on offer – never the one that was causing – all the dramas . .

41 years ago there was not the manipulation and fear campaigns that are currently all the rage. But I was going against the grain. I was considered strange for not following sheep like and just saying ‘yes doctor’. I knew that any problems would be mine – and my baby’s for life – not their’s.

Not of my children were, or have been vaccinated for whooping cough. It was just too unsafe to have the 1 in 147 chance of a neurological reaction. Too much at stake. I reasoned that only sick children get sick – and I made sure mine were as well as I could make them – breastfeeding they were at least til over 12 months – and taking as best food and supplements and ensuring they had no sugar, no chemicals and as moderate a life I could provide – and were happy and thus their immune systems worked.

Vaccination is possibly more important than any other decision you make – except the breastfeeding one – as the natural course of immunity is so now interrupted and so given over to those who are not giving you the new parent appropriate information with which to make an informed choice.  There is plenty of time to postpone til you get all the facts – not the fears and the guilts thrown at you.  Is it logical to pop all those poisons in along with the vaccines and call the formalydhyde, aluminium and so on – inert?

Possibly it all needs a rethink?

Where to get sensible advice?

  • Do you know how natural immunity happens?
  • Is there a place for artificial vaccination?
  • When/is it safe to give your baby any?
    (Why is Hep B needed when there are many legal suits in France against it – and this is for adults).
  • Why is your newborn baby at birth needing ‘coverage’ for Hep B that is not even at your home?
  • Do you know that the ‘safety’ it gives lasts at best only for 7 years?
  • That the vaccination is full of toxic chemicals going straight into baby’s bloodstream?

Lets just stand back a bit . .

How Do Vaccines Work?

By provoking the immune system.

But a baby’s immune system at birth is at best immuno-suppressed. To help it – mum has been sending the antibodies from her blood into the placenta – and readying baby for life in her environment (not the hospital where baby probably started life outside her – with all those super-bugs and strange bacteria). Baby was hopefully inocculated with mum’s vaginal bacterial load on the way out being birthed through that safe route – that is what nature intended. Not being lifted into the operating theatre and all the bugs waiting there.

The third natural ‘vaccination’ – cholostrum, packed full of immune boosts – also with the gut flora assistance to get milk ready. A perfect system not to be messed with giving baby and mum antibiotics (anti life) ‘just in case .. . ‘

The dance of immunity that is a gift from mum to baby.

Why worry about vaccination YET to ‘save’ baby – when the real decisions about baby safety so far have not even been discussed – just acquiesced to – thrown away – the health of mum before conception, during pregnancy, fetal scanning refused as it is too dangerous – no gestational diabetes testing to wreck the fetal developing blood sugar processes – no drugs and definitely no interventions that halt baby – mum bonding . . . yet who thought then – is this all safe?

Easily searched for – why not go back to – what did nature intend – and follow this.

Used to work.
For the early innate ‘vaccination’ –  just search for the immunological benefits of breastfeeding.

Why vaccinate?
Why not allow nature o be in charge so the immune system is educated as it was designed to be – minus all the contaminants that accumulated with no mature detox system. Maybe ask where the safety studies are as a longitudinal data collection – over how many decades and checking against those NOT vaccinated – was the conclusion reached to keep adding ore in.

Are there side effects not intended?
Who is measuring?
What will happen if you do not vaccinate – besides being ostracised, bullied and losing out on vast resources that are being withheld?
You may find as we who vaccinate dour older children and did not our younger ones – they are far more healthy.


You are the one who lives with consequences.
Here is a site that you do not want to have to need (my daughter’s story).

Who asks if you have had any family reactions in the past? Who is ensuring baby is as well as possible – not ill which is why the doctor’s visit? When did all this stop – about the time that there was a financial reward for hassling people to vaccinate . . .and when did all the peanut allergies start up – and the autism surges – about the same time . ..

Who benefits?
Surely you don’t need to vaccinate when breastfeeding.

Postpone the decisions and get as much information as possible – without the emotive manipulations.  .

Breast milk is a natural immune boost – all that is needed – and provides all baby needs – as long as mum is well nourished and well supported.

Human milk varies according to baby age, condition and what else is happening – it is NOT just a food source. Why do I mention it in the vaccination debate – as no one else seems to.

How Effective are Vaccines?

Good question.

Why load baby up with all those toxins – when breast milk would do a better job?
When getting the childhood disease would grant lifelong immunity?

Vaccines are getting less and less useful  . .

(They are also immensely lucrative)

Perhaps we need to investigate that term ‘herd immunity’. It actually was borrowed from when all around the child contracted the real disease and the natural immunity – which t a lifetime – unlike the vaccines that at best last 10 years -and the boosters are not working – leading to so many vaccinated people and children getting disease – why not let their immune systems develop in peace and not be corrupted and likely to lead into cancers and neurological degeneration as seems to have happened with the advent if the multiple vaccines so easy, so many and with so little testing .. ..what ever is causing the epidemic in auto immune system, behavioural and allergy problems did not use to be there – and the children all happily got their chicken pox, measles and mumps – except of course if they were not sturdy to start with – and here we go back to cycle through the advantages of lengthy breast feeding and natural birthing . . .safe to interrupt natural birthing and mum being able to feed as all other mammals do?

Should you Vaccinate Your Child?

Up to you.
Why is it so highly emotive?

Why tell you you are compromising other’s children -who decided to drink black fizzy drinks, not eat well, or be in shape prior to conception – you can only make a great baby once.

If you are under intense and seemingly illogical (when you ask for facts) pressure and the guilts start being laid on – why would they need to be so high pressure? What are they hiding?
If vaccination is so safe – why are they bothered about you possibly waiting till at least your child is many months old – so you have some idea who you have there – and what allergies may start showing up?  Not getting your child  – and your parents and all who may come into contact with baby – under all that toxic load makes sense – why not do this naturally – and breastfeed whilst ensuring baby has Vit D through being in the sun or giving (as they do in Finland) 1,000 iu daily – as the immune system has to be made with some raw ingredients . .

What ever happened to taking Zinc and Vit C to boost our own immune systems?

When is the best time to Vaccinate?

When baby has an immune system that is working to enhance. At birth and even before at least 6 months of age may be not the best time – and if you are breastfeeding – why would you get in the way of natural as it has stood the test of time?