Fertility is a measure of health

Sex is for making babies.

If it is not, besides ensuring that you have the best stud for the job (he makes sperm from what is left over from running his body –

Maybe ask –  is he well enough to even be a dad?

(HINT – Sperm at least morphology as with animals – in single figures.

The reverse of what is considered ‘fertile’ for men now).

it is better HEALTH you want.

Yes – work to be done on her also . . .
Let us start with – is everything in the right place?

Strange thought?
No – structure determines function  and when your womb is misplaced (quite likely) – bad things happen . .

Like what?
You may not have an easy life. Your womb – uterus – sits within your pelvis.

Attached to the bony structures, she is at the whim of your every emotion, nutrient loading and hydration levels..

In a 10-year study of 1392 infertile women, manual gyne-visceral manipulation yielded high pregnancy rates for women in three categories of hormonal infertility. Subsets of participants showed success for women with endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and high FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone.)The therapy was originally designed to treat pain due to the adhesions that form when the body heals.

Adhesions tend to remain in the body, acting like an internal glue after healing has occurred. Endometriosis-adhesionsAdhesions can act like tiny straitjackets, causing pain or dysfunction – including infertility.

Endometriosis, Infertility and Adhesions

Adhesions frequently accompanying endometrial implants. The Gentling Way is designed to undo why the body’s flows are not – and what holds the body hostage in stuck patterns, and to decrease the cross-linking, those tiny but powerful white attachments shown to the left and in the drawing on the right.

In the 10-year study, 43% (128/299) of the women diagnosed infertile with endometriosis became pregnant after receiving the therapy. This rate compares well to surgical success rates, but without the costs or risks of surgery. Please be aware that the male fertlity is plummeting to almost hopeless levels and HE likely needs help to become a dad . ..

PCOS and Infertility

In the study, 54% (15/28) of women diagnosed infertile with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) achieved pregnancy after therapy. While this is a smaller subset, this rate is encouraging; it is much higher than the 22% to 33% pregnancy rates achieved after surgeries cited in the study. In surgery for PCOS, the physician will either drill holes in the ovary or remove a wedge-shaped portion of the organ. One reason for the low pregnancy rates after PCOS surgery may be the new adhesions that form as the body heals from the surgery. How is this possible? Restoration of normal flows. .

High FSH Infertility

pregnancy rates for women with high FSHOne of the biggest surprises in the ten-year study was in women who were diagnosed ‘hormonally’ infertile due to high FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). As a woman approaches menopause, her ovaries demand more and more FSH to stimulate egg growth in older follicles. Measured early in the menstrual cycle, most physicians feel a woman’s FSH levels should be at or below 10 mIU/mL. When a woman’s FSH is above 10, she is considered unlikely to conceive. At FSH of 25, the woman is generally considered to be menopausal.

In the 10-year 2015 study, a surprising 39% (48/122) of women diagnosed subfertile or infertile due to high FSH became pregnant after receiving the therapy; 43 of the pregnancies were natural, and five were by follow-up IVF.

“The data with these women has been absolutely remarkable” said Belinda Wurn, director for Clear Passage Physical Therapy. “Before this study, nothing in medicine has been shown to improve FSH and fertility naturally. Until now, none of us imagined that a manual therapy could have such profound effects, without surgery or drugs.”

Not a surprise to me. . 

Let us return your womb to baby making and carrying status! Adding my decades of working with acupuncture and natural ways, herbs (Western and Chinese) lymph movement and body work, plus a large component of vibrational and energy medicine now we have the Maya traditions and those of Dr Jennifer Mercier.

Let us we play detective. If you are not immediately pregnant with unprotected sex.
OR – maybe even worse. . .you have been and are no longer – and may have gathered more trauma along the way.
Shall we find out why?

Joyfully reap the efforts to make ‘easy’ happen . ..

with effort .

To see more – please head over to here.

We go deep – and work with changing you so you can make your own babies better.

My sessions are holistic – and will consist of massage, diet and lifestyle modifications, and maybe herbal therapies/supplements to enhance fertility. There has been far too much trauma already usually by the time people come in to see me.

I am not forcing – but allowing your body to heal from all that has happened FIRST.

We CAN make better babies . .

Please assume that we will make substantial changes in what you are able to achieve in your life.
A few close together appointments make see far more shifts than you may have ever hoped for.

BOTH of you – it takes two to make a baby

and two to grow into a family .


This is NOT medical . .no guarantees – you are in charge – do the work – get the benefits . I bring my lived experience into my considerably successful clinical practice. . I have been assisting couples become parents for longer than ‘in vitro’  has been about. As an authentic natural health care practitioner (and maternal health and fertility worker well before the rest), I am now using the Maya therapies and the Mercier work as part of my Gentling Ways.

My message is considerably different

If I seem sometimes to be ‘off track’ to you or out of your comfort zone – please realise that I am speaking of how and why – not only labeling and saying ‘bad luck’.  may You and I have very different ‘goal posts’. When/if you find me saying things that are often heard, perhaps question why I would. There are so many different ways of undoing blockages to babies. . .

To really change what is happening in your bodies – it will likely take at least 6 months. To streamline this I suggest that instead of seeing me on and on – you take charge. Invest in your own life.

This unique holistic individualised programme allows

pelvic healing/uterine realignment /adhesion and

past scar mending

Coming in for the abdominal and allied sacral healing/pelvic repair set of sessions (at least 4 will ensure that the entire instability you may have experienced – and your cyclic and ‘hormonal’ issues are then altered.
Improve the pelvic circulation thus the quality of the eggs and the lining and help heal all previous wounds on all levels. For him – the gut, the entire abdomen, and the back is worked with, gently, so optimal sperm quality can be made from the best possible body functioning you can support at home with the homework given to you. This is holistic in a true sense. -You get to take away what YOU need to do to help yourself.

‘Low AMH’ is a report of your health – not where you could be

I can help as I do this – and so much more.

By using my combination of my Moving Blockages holistic miulti modality, transformative energy body aligning. Mercier and Maya/ATMAT/Arvigo together – I get your pelvic flows (and sexual juices) flowing again! With patience – allowing your heart/body to heal – we can gently lift misplaced structures off others, as you at home do your own self care massage work – and repair your own gut and flows . .. PLUS we need him .. .

Low sperm quality – here is your starting point


MUST be at least 250 million/ml and over 50 – preferably 90 -% (like a bull has to be) looking normal.

See how you can . .

ALL the men who come through my doors are not well enough to be dads of better babies – or often – any babies. So many people do not get it – no farmer would be that stupid to engage the services of THAT ‘stud’! None is telling you as he might get upset – yet all so far who stick with my programme are patients – and most naturally.
(That is ALL – the 4% cut off mark makes him infertile in the bedroom – it is not what to aspire to – a short decade ago he had to have at least 30% looking visually normal – now it is 4% and falling – so please – go elsewhere to make babies than that which supports mediocrity as you wear the result – often for life).
Please think back to how much you may have already outlaid in surgeries and other interventions (usually to no avail why the problem is there is not known or adjusted). Sperm quality is his report card of how well he is doing.
Please think – you can’t make something from nothing . .
Gardeners and farmers spend a lot of effort ensuring better soil (your gut function) and ingredients (nutrients) are available to then make the stunning tomatoes/cabbages/milk or whatever they are selling.

This is a life – not a medical issue.

Live a different life – get different outcomes.
In everything

Fertility is a measure of your health – and adding in more stress, drugs and losing all your power to someone else is surely not the way you want to then be parents – or even live well if and when this hopeful business does not work .

As you did not start at the beginning – wellness.

not just eating differently and taking out ‘bad’ habits – the time to do that passed an age ago . .

The body heals itself – when you let it

Uterine alignment

Maybe even undo what has happened before – the operations for endo or a C section. Let me help you.

Maybe your flows are gummed up.

and the wrong info getting back to hormones. .

Let us clear you out FIRST .. .

The Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy) session includes whatever else in my extensive tool box I feel to use – including the Mercier work.
We HAVE to get your periods/the report card of the past month – not that old excuse – ‘hormones’  – and the position of your uterus aligned before we even think about making babies – and no one else seems capable of doing this – hence I may be the first to say so.

The Making Better Babies Naturally programme is designed to allow the best to happen.
May take a bit longer.
No guarantees – except that you will feel better – healthier and thus more fertile . .
As your grand parents and their grandparents were – ever wondered what people did about baby making in the past – before IVF? Did to need help to make them . . Then we tried NOT to make babies – and were generally not so successful.

This takes time to do – at least the same amount as you were here last time – and then you have not just an understanding of what to do – but how to look after the ‘food factory that supports your life.

Contact me – I am now permanently located in NZ

As the only Mercier trained therapist in the Southern Hemisphere, and extensively working as a multi modality body worker, training others in this field in acupuncture and my own Gentling Ways, I am sure seeing me or one of my graduates will allow you the space – within to make better babies naturally – we start at the beginning – a well set of parents-to-be.
Not making babies with sex means that changes are to be made to allow Nature to work her magic.
In the first instance, perhaps contact me to determine how my 40+ years in this field can help you.

Great eggs and plentiful useful sperm make great babies.

Epigenetics are what allows who you could be to be expressed.

And all those coming after you. (no pressure) . .

Perhaps start here – decluttering yourself – on all levels

Are you sure you want to make a baby the new or the old way (sex with two healthy parents to be – as has worked till recently? Want to make sure your offspring are as perfect as possible? There is a problem with IVF/ART – not as good babies may result. Maybe back up – don’t go there first – start with nature and see how much better life forever after could be. Start with the right raw ingredients – one healthy mum and one healthy dad – as the levels of plummetting fertility are showing this step is missing . .

Hence what health decisions you are now making are generational in their effect. Entertaining info here.

Perhaps it is time to look at WHY the babies are not happening without work on your part – and attend to this, rather than pretending any old baby made at great financial expense is worth it? Ring me or make a Skype appointment as I can help you help yourself

Start here with a simple, practical and natural approach – rehydrate and then cleanse .  . .

Breathing? Yes – the beginning of life – fresh air . . .

Food – fueling who you are to make and presently how you get to this  .

Sperm that is inadequate, not moving, hardly there, decrepit, strange looking that are now so ‘normal’ in men’s samples don’t make good babies. Hence the epidemic of ‘infertile’ women.

For far too long the King Henry the VIII th problem (it is all HER fault) has been prevalent – is NOT about her fertility – but his. I do not see any great sperm tests these days. Even ones that would have made the grade 10 years ago.

What is accepted as “normal” now was completely unacceptable only a few years ago. Why?

Reading this is well worth the effort – as you can see that all around we have why we are not trying to STOP babies happening. As all our forebears did.

Fertility specialists often blame the female partner  – she is apparently causing the baby blockage problem by being too fat, too old, too endometrially challenged. If this were true, I would have a heap of great semen results for the men who are NOT DADS whilst their women were this reproductively hopeless – and they don’t exist.

Men who are fertile have babies, and don’t need sperm tests – they get a vasectomy.

In your parents’ day (ask them) babies were conceived at any time of the month. . . any age
sex is to make babies.
If it doesn’t – find out why not and fix it. Don’t seek someone to play with your bank account.

It takes two to make a baby – if he is fertile (over 80% looking normal – over 100 million at least as the minimum fertile marker 30+ years ago) babies will happen regardless of how ‘old’, how ‘fat’, how few eggs she supposedly has.

Don’t throw your money away on unnecessary fertility treatments – fertility is all about health and happiness.

Think about it – if she has been on the pill for ages – she has not even been USING her eggs – they are still in suspended hibernation – she just needs to get healthy herself And lose weight … and her middle fat.

These are great ‘ways out’ for hopeless sperm. FIX IT MEN.

How? Start by taking it what should never have been part of your body – not just what is being eaten/drunk but why your body is not in perfect mint condition. Poisons and toxins that are within us  . .

Why do you not have 350 million, 95% normal – all rapid swimmers?

As your great grandparents did?

You can do it – get healthy. Exercise daily. Lose the beer gut. Go to bed before 10 pm. Start eating proper food. Vegetables – lots of them. Not a drug company’s apparent male fertility product at great cost from the chemist. Do it yourself through changing your eating choices.

Stop making excuses for your own poor performance in the bedroom. Reliable hard and hot apparatus means more likely, abundant great swimmers – who knew? Any Chinese medical practitioner – not the medicos – do they mention sex? No – yet this is how babies are made.

More of it – hot and steamy (ban the bed as a venue) and in all positions – often. She doesn’t feel like it – well – that is half the problem – get her more juiced up – be more attentive – turn off the electronic gadgets. Spend time being with each other. Walking after tea. Relate. Sharing of yourself – your hopes and dreams. Start wooing her again. Time to be a couple. Start touching for wellness, not making babies. Heart singing living. These are all good for gluing a family together.

Have women all of a sudden gotten more fertile to cope with the complete collapse of their men’s fertility?


I have the women who would be pregnant if HE had the semen quality of his father’s generation. Why is no one seeing that 4 % LOOKING normal sperm is rubbish? It is not good enough for a man with 96% ABnormal sperm to think I am ‘picking on him’ and not return to make his health better so his wife can make babies of COURSE the IVF team will play with the hopeless sperm samples – that is what they do – they don’t send you away to get in baby shape first. . . this is how money, not babies is made. Perhaps backing up and treating your body as though it were a temple may help?

Clean food, early to bed, no chemicals and plenty of water, not substances full of reproductive toxins – caffeine, alcohol, sugar – may help? Can’t hurt – and you would at least feel healthier for your efforts also.
Baby made from better sperm can only be a healthier baby – the quality is up to the parents BEFORE they conceive. . and Nature is stopping you for a very good reason – not likely to make a great baby so don’t even think about starting it – not even a miscarriage? This is reproductive failure  so find out why and FIX IT – don’t pay others to try to dupe nature – she expects survival of the fittest . . and you don’t want a stillbirth – they happen to others – why not you – without proper planning?

Insurance – get well yourself and see that she has easy periods, easy sexuality, easy fertility and easy pregnancies making easy babies.

This Is why 20 years ago my patients attending IVF clinics had a big problem – what to do with the perfect 15 embryos left in the freezer after they have had all the children they want? Do not see even one great one made out cycles these days to put back in to become a child. So why is it that fertility and health are not seen as being hand in hand?
The specialists of ARTIFICIAL reproduction TECHNOLOGY are not weeding out the unhealthy ones as farmers would – as where would the money be then? It is a business model, not an altruistic – best baby possible is surely what you think you are buying?

But your life will never be the same again if you mess up. I know – My story, I myself have a massively brain injured adult child, who was so separately to this, massively vaccine damaged (I chose to give her the MMR after she was nearly out of the autism she had in addition (mercury in my mouth legacy from a tooth capped in 5 months pregnant – bad move!! – heavy metal toxicity went straight to her and where are the warnings in the dental chair for this?) with it when very to the profound brain injury from getting a disease from my body in utero that I did not know I had – so health and well being BEFORE pregnancy is invaluable. See also the role of nutrients and autism.

I, as a therapist then, did not know of the role of Iodine and Zinc and Magnesium in pregnancy – and hence I more than anyone else have the knowledge that will help you NOT go down and similar path to me. Some do. The dud sperm you start with – making babies with IVF that Nature did not want is part of your journey – is a very bad start.

Think – is this the best you want for your children – so desperate to get pregnant – any pregnancy will do? You could change this and go with perfect – and this is where thinking and planning – much like choosing a house site and getting the best architects and workers in – to make your new house – surely the babies you make deserve some of this foresight also?

Why not start as nature intended – be well and have perfect periods, and be the best parents to be BEFORE you try for a baby? After all, in generations past the efforts were try to NOT have them . . and they still appeared – why is this? We now have new distractions. Chemicals. Toxins. Caffeine. Alcohol. Electromagnetic radiation. Modern life. Not enough respect for a body and a soul – you can change this – it is not a fast process sometimes, but it gives far better results. Not miscarriages – not failed chemical pregnancies – but real babies in arms to love.  ..

Look after your babies before you make them – treat yourself to health first.

Fertility is a measure of health (wellness), also known as ‘Jing’ – what is it?

Heather’s Infertility Markers

There is apparently an infertility ‘epidemic’
But perhaps you could stop and ask yourself – am I well?    

How many of these infertility markers apply to you?

Is he – prospective dad (or she – prospective mum) – well?
Are we well placed to go through the rigors of being a parent?

If not – possibly get well first?

Especially if you have been channeled into spending lots of money at assisted reproduction – of all persuasions.

Perhaps take a step back and get your periods functioning properly (in her case) and great gut health and then the sperm up to optimal (not just scraping the least-fertile markers) – as miscarriages are not really where you want to start your parenting journey.

It is really a state of toxins in your body – stopping normal from happening.

All the substances and modern living and less sleep and less nourishing foods that your great grand parents had – means you do not have the ongoing tribe of pregnancies that they had to endure.

What is different in the past 30 years?

Only that long ago people were desperately trying to STOP the baby flood.

  • Could it be in the water? (Probably)
  • Could it be in the use of chemicals that hormonally disrupt all beings (definitely)
  • Can you reverse this? (Yes). (click the link)

What to do? Simplify your life

Start taking all the micronutrients that are missing from the food chain – either through not being in the soil to start with – or being bypassed due to modern farming techniques.

Males losing their manhood

Hormonal disruption due to the 21st Century ways and habits and toxins.
Definitely a lower than fertile sperm test.
(or sperm that are sluggish/can’t sperm/wonky heads/deviant/not enough).

It is all about wellness .  . . and a great digestive system and putting good quality foods that build great babies into it.

  • Building up sperm quality and usefulness.
  • Restoring fun and intimacy


Become baby ready . .

Please assume that we will make substantial changes in what you are able to achieve in your life.

Make Naturally Better Babies

A few close together appointments will show far more shifts than

you may have ever hoped for.

I run intensive programmes (and can be online) to be in conjunction with whatever else you are doing.

Leave off all IVF for 6 months still you are BOTH in perfect shape as you may find that going too soon gives a less than perfect outcome – which is why you are presently struggling – Mother Nature is saying NO . . .Your efforts can get you baby ready and at the very least. A new way to live, and enjoy each other. With a much healthier body – likely great sperm, and babies to follow. (Periods and sperm quality being health markers.  .. can’t help but make better babies naturally.