One Mother’s Journey

One Mother’s Journey

This series of essays (look for the titles mentioned below) from a mum is designed to hopefully have you start at a more informed spot than otherwise.

When I was working out what to do with my children, there was far less emotion running decisions — fear and panic abound now as birthing and vaccination especially are very volatile in the community. Life was simpler as we as mothers, tended to be doing the home front, and children had a less stressed life.

In times past, many children did not make it to adulthood — this is not where we stand in the First World these days. Any conversation about dying and vaccination is unnecessary, as we have great sanitation and food is in plentiful supply, as is clean water. What is not realised, is that most who died in epidemics in past centuries (and still today in non First World countries), is through basic hygiene breaking down.

We do not have the overcrowding that would also lead to outbreaks of diseases that could easily kill us. This is not to say that we may not be exposed to people who have visited these places, but the very new members of the human race have a tendency to be sheltered and also hopefully breastfed, giving them immunity via mum’s body.

The whole perception of this series is aimed at showing how a very caring and responsible natural therapist worked her way through to a place where she feels as though she did the best job possible at the time.
Had I been aware of some of the OTHER things that came through in vaccination, or apparently safe birthing options as an example, I would have acted very differently. Hind sight is a great thing. Often we get what we are resisting — in many different forms.

The awareness of mortality and preciousness of life is why we think through these topics, why we get opinionated, and why frequently we react emotionally — often to regret the rashness when we are given more facts. Unfortunately, informed consent is NOT usually where vaccination or birthing choices come from. Manipulated through other agenda, you may also regret actions later.

When finished I anticipate the series of ebooks will include the following titles.
One mother’s journey – into: