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Easy periods, easy fertility, easy pregnancy, easy birthing, easy mothering: mean – easy babies

Whatever you need help with – Nature probably has the answer.
Maybe I can help you find yours.

Whether it is making or birthing or rearing babies – ideally there are two parents in a supportive environment.

Please be aware none of this is medical – it is based on life.

Enjoy discovering more .

Reach out if you need to know more – or wish to experience what I can offer.

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Easy periods, easy fertility, easy pregnancy, easy birth,

easy baby, easy maternity, easy life

Let us find out why having an easy pregnancy is not happening – and FIX it!

Do you have . . .

Low AMH?      High FSH?      Age ‘issues’?         High risk pregnancy worries?

Non viable sperm? ‘Need’ for donor sperm/eggs NO pregnancies

Or you are scared of getting pregnant again to end up so ill so much in pain, so stressed as to what next?
Let us fix you first  so all flows as it is designed to – easily.

Constant miscarriages – too scared to get pregnant again?

Maybe seek my help – and read the what I have done to help couples the world over mentoring/teaching their acupuncturists to assist in so many other levels – as a multi modality transformative body mechanic – by working on the instructions that tell your body what to do – the electrics – acupuncture PLUS ..

Pregnant and ill/distressed/fearful?

You can help yourselves  . . .

There are 3 free sites full of practical info – that works.  .

Simple Natural Solutions
See what is in the resources section on this site. (Opening the baby gate)

Leading into birthing and want an easy birth and baby? Fingertip rescues)

See here for easy post partum and breastfeeding (Easy breasts)

Bodies heal – your lives CAN turn around.

It may take time.
You may need intensive assistance from where you find yourselves.

Call me and we can see what we may make together.

Online consultations available: if you come from afar and are thinking of signing up for the entire package.

Contact me perhaps – mail on heather@heatherbruce.com.au

 (+617) 3899 2274



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