Is it your Thyroid?

Far too many people believe that when the blood tests say ‘normal’ or ‘within normal limits’ that they are well and their thyroid is ‘OK’.

Perhaps it may be the same as everyone else’s – falling in a hole.

Test ranges are being reduced to reflect what is happening to all.

Almost everyone who arrives in my clinic has a low functioning thyroid.

Most have been to the GP and have been cleared of having a thyroid problem – although it may be on the low side.

By focusing on the blood tests and not on what is happening to you – there is a misdiagnosis.

I can often help.  But sometimes not without a sensitive and thorough medical backup.

Ask yourself – is what is going on for me good enough?

To live/drag yourself through the day feeling so wrecked?

Is this you?

  • Fatigue, especially in the morning
  • Brain fog.
  • Can’t lose weight regardless of effort
  • Puffy under eyes
  • Dry skin
  • Constipated
  • Hair loss – especially at the front
  • Eyebrow hair growth stunted – esp at the outer edges
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Infertility
  • Cold intolerance

Do you also suffer from:

  • allergies
  • anxiety
  • candida
  • coronary artery disease
  • constant infections/iunwellness
  • cold extremeties
  • depression
  • decreased hearing
  • excema
  • fibromyalgia
  • Hypotension/low blood pressure
  • Low blood sugars/hypoglcemia
  • ovarian cysts
  • menstrual disorders – especially overbleeding
  • PMS
  • poor gut function
  • poor memory
  • reflux
  • voice hoarseness

What to do about it?

  1. Don’t believe blood tests – you have the symptoms.
    Just because the doctor may not understand that this is serious – it is the key to a large number of then resultant conditions.
    Chronic degenerative and often eventually fatal ones – all going ignored.
  2. Get a thermometer and start charting your first thing as soon as you waken temperature.
    Here it becomes a bit personal – best vaginal in women and rectal in men – as this is then independent of your mouth being open whilst you sleep and possibly low ambient morning temperature in the room.
    Men – it should be about 36.6/8
    Women – not cycling the same.
    Women in the first part of their menstrual cycle – 36.6/7 and as they ovulate in the middle of the month it plummets to 36.2/3 (often why babies are not being made – too high a temp at the time the sperm has to live within her – and they are very temperature sensitive – more on this in the fertility package.
  3. What next?

You have the power to change some of what is happening to you.

The conversion of one hormone to another in your body may be severely compromised just by the nutritional levels of some common vitamins and minerals.

Please do not think that your endocrinologist or other health specialist or GP will follow this information – as most are taking notice of the prevalent thinking. This means that just about all who seek my help are well on their way to significant diseases – as they are not being treated for what is a core problem – their metabolism is out.

Put simply – the engine that should be running their body – can’t.

The effort involved in trying to keep it all together means that balls get dropped.

Too many in the air for a body under-working.

What ball or balls get dropped is individual – but please go and look at the list at the top of this article again.

Now think – chronic ill health doesn’t just arrive one morning – there is a slippery slope.

You are well down it by the time you seek help.

Possibly you have already.

I sincerely hope you have not been spending your hope and dollars in reproductive technology as this is a huge drain – where often the spem is just not being made well as the gut and immune systems of the potential dad are not up to even keeping him going well.

Who is going to tell you?
Possibly a natural therapist.

Unlikely to be a GP or other medical specialist as you blood tests (TSH) may well fall into the range that is considered well – even though you feel awful and you can tick a lot or all of the list above.

4) – ‘Helping Yourself to Better Health and Vitality‘ has been written from the unique Chinese medical and naturopathc models that I work from.

Information found here is NOT available anywhere else as it combines my +30 years of clinical natural work with my own personal thyroid journey and that of my family – and hence my unique way of seeing all who step witin my doors – from their metabolism first.  Not the problem that is upsetting them – but what is going on for them to set this up.

‘Helping Yourself to Better Health and Vitality’ is part of the wellness package I send home to all when they consult with me.
Stopping all cold and chilled foods and fluids is a great help here (see: what happens when we eat).

Also see


5) – Check what you are eating.

Avoiding ALL gluten and this includes oats -and all dairy is a great place to start.

At least stop the grains.

Eat as per Heather’s Eating Plan.

This includes attention to the TEMPERATURE of what is going in your mouth – this then allows your ‘food factory’ to be more able to work well.

Definitely ban all chilled drinks and anything that is not at least body temperature.


6) Micro nutrients – Selenium, Iron, Zinc are essental to allow your body to convert T4 to T3.

Iodine is crucial to allow your T4 to be made at all.

B group – especialy B12 HAS to be on board and prior to this, so does Vit C and Magnesium to allow the adrenals a chance support the thyroid.

Both B and C group are water soluble and need to be taken often and in their entireity – not just bits of them – in order to work well.

Vit D sits above all of this – as all other vitamins are dependent on fat. Few have sfficient Vit D and this has a flow-on effect to all other hormonal issues.

What to Do?

For myself after decades of attempting to follow medications that sort of worked, and various diets and supplements – the one thing that has made the most difference – has been sleeping more and with better quaiity, eating more and better nutrient dense food, taking very regular exercise and starting a product that allows the energy to be freed within each and every cell.

Glutathione – the most important antixidant (100,000’s of times more potent than Vit C) cannot be taken orally.  Two medical researchers broke through this barrier and have patents on Glutathione accelerators – and taking the three consituents together with the other magic ingredients that allow the Glutathione to be reconstructed within each and every cell has meant that inflammation, toxic wastes, energy retrieval, immune enhancement and all manner of normal cellular processes can now happen well.


For my patients – especially those with energy, clarity, depresson, illness and ‘sick and tired’ feelings – it is magic.

All of a sudden they feel as they did years ago – and it stays and gets better.

Nothing else has come close.

See for yourself what glutathione can do for you