Morning Sickness (Pregnancy Sickness)

Morning Sickness

Usually this happens if you are not in great shape (although not sick according to the doctor) in starting the pregnancy.

As you are probably reading this as you suffer presently, I will start you in the middle.

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1) Stop all cold things going in your mouth
Tap/room temperature water is too cold – everything has to be body temperature or higher (this is in the Cold section). If you persist in saying this is all I feel like, then you will probably not get relief from any acupuncture, pressing points, taking ginger or any other supposed help – as you are creating your problem.

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2) Take a great gut bacterial supplement
Sometimes outrageous morning sickness or pregnancy nausea is nothing more than the Helicobacter that has not been treated before pregnancy – and it is not possible to treat whilst pregnant – so recolonise your gut.

3) Avoid all sweet things
Even honey and fruit – 40% of us are intolerant to fructose found in fruit.
Reducing or stopping all sweet ingredients will also with nausea to calm.

4) What to eat instead?
Salt. A little, often.
No more than two hours between snacks.
A small piece of cheese – anything salty – just a little.
A little of anything – not sweet or cold or raw – often.

5) Rest more
Especially if you are concerned about miscarriage.
Work is not that important. Prioritise your baby.
If you are not ‘allowed’ to eat at work, or can’t rest when you need to – you need to think about putting baby first.

6) Ensure you pooh every day
Especially first thing in the morning.
Add the juice of half a lemon in warm water and drink this first thing (whilst organising the prunes – below).
Soak a few organic prunes over night and drink the warned up juice in the morning with the prune fruit.
If necessary get anything to help you eliminate at least once a day. This really will help.

Morning sickness is a sign that the body is NOT HAPPY.

Soldiering on because you can is unwise, although everyone seems to think it will pass — it usually does — and so does the crucial time you have for actually building the foundation for your new child and re-growing YOUR body so it is in the peak condition.

If you are so unwell as to need to be bedridden or hospitalised, it is important to stop and ask yourself what cost is it taking from you to pretend that the body is NOT trying to warn you? Whilst most pregnancy manuals will tell you morning sickness is normal, and even that you are far more likely to NOT miscarry as the illness may mean your levels of hormones are high – however, this is not what I see in clinic. Body weakness or toxicity will always show up later and just in different forms that the biomedical model may not connect as it is so mechanical and illness/symptom and not wellness focussed.

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PREVENTION is easier.

If you are reading this and you have or have had morning sickness before:

1) Recolonise your gut with great bacteria.
Eating yoghurt is not sufficient. Get a product usually from a fridge in a chemist or health food shop.

2) Ensure that you do not have digestive problems.
Get a Zinc challenge test done.
Taking Zinc tablets or assuming that what is in the multi will do – probably won’t.
Zinc is imperative for healthy digestion and reproduction and thyroid (metabolism) function.
Stop eating all the grains and cereals and sugars and fruits.
This by itself may ease your digestion and help your liver and metabolism and hormones settle.

Start eating for health – and pregnancy;

  • Fat (to make hormones and also baby’s brain and nervous system),
  • Protein (building block of life – some every few hours) and
  • Lots of veggies. (Folic acid is in FOLIAGE, so you don’t need tablets – you need great food)

3) Every day (at least) a bowel movement.
With the change in eating probably elimination is better.
If not – start the morning with the juice of half a lemon freshly squeezed in a cup of warmed water.
Before eating/drinking anything else.

4) Be kind to your liver.
Starting with the lemon juice.
No caffeine, alcohol, chemicals in your food or drinks.
Plenty of pure and not-cold water a day.
Herbal teas if the weather is too cold.

5) Check that your BBT (Basal Body Temperature) is where it should be.
In the first part of your cycle, first thing when you wake up, before getting out of bed VAGINAL – it should be 36.6/7.
When you ovulate 36.2/3 and after this – later two weeks- it could stay up around 37/37/2.
if not – it is possible seeing Heather or another natural therapist who uses the chart to get you in the best shape well before pregnancy – so then all systems ‘go’ and no health problems to be told in the pregnancy manuals that it is ‘normal’ – as it is not sensible to be so unhealthy leading into pregnancy.

If you ‘need’ reproductive help it is because the basics are being ignored – a well couple make babies with sex.
That is how it always was and still is with animals . . .
Try it yourself – wellness means fertility.

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Fertility is all about wellness.

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It is all about wellness…and a great digestive system and putting in good quality foods that build great babies.

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