Reversing the Increase of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism is a complex condition with many contributing factors and it takes a multi-faceted approach to treat it.
We’re now also beginning to understand it requires a multi-faceted approach to prevent it.

Hopefully, more people will begin to take Dr. Campbell-McBride’s information to heart and put it to practice so that more children may be spared from the get-go. But even that’s not going far enough.

We must tackle this problem from all angles, and that also includes:

Reduce your and your child’s toxic burden.

This includes avoiding as many dangerous chemicals as possible, which makes listing the do’s and don’ts virtually impossible. There’s just too many.

As a general rule though, eating whole organic foods will go a long way, as that automatically cuts out processed foods and related chemicals, genetically engineered foods, and artificial sweeteners.

Also be careful with the personal care products you use, as well as your household cleaning products and home building materials and furnishings

Opting for “green” and/or organic alternatives will help reduce many of the toxins most people encounter on a daily basis.

Do whatever you can to establish a toxin-free environment for your whole family, and then establish a detoxification program. Please remember hidden toxins like mold and fluoride.

The book, Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call, by Dr. Doris Rapp is an excellent resource if you’re unsure of how or where to start.

  • Lower the EMF burden in your home, especially in your bedrooms.
  • Carefully review the vaccination issue, including the conventional vaccination schedule, and know that in most U.S. states you still have the right to opt out of vaccines.
  • Avoid pasteurized milk; it’s an absolute imperative to the treatment of autism. Anyone managing this illness without restricting milk is deceiving themselves. This includes all milk products, such as ice cream, yogurt and whey.
    Even natural flavorings in food must be avoided unless the processor can guarantee that caseinate is not included.
  • Complete elimination of sugar/fructose, juice, soda, French fries and wheat (pasta, bagels, cereal, pretzels, etc) is also highly recommended.
  • Get proper sun exposure.
    It is my personal belief that vitamin D deficiency in conjunction with damaged gut flora may be two of the most significant contributing factors to autism.
    Optimizing your vitamin D levels and your gut flora during pregnancy appears to be the most important prevention strategies discovered to date.

Autism & Oxytocin

Oxytocin is best known for its roles in sexual reproduction, in particular during and after childbirth.

It is released in large amounts after distension of the cervix and uterus during labor, facilitating birth, and after stimulation of the nipples, facilitating breastfeeding.

Recent studies have indicated it may be an effective treatment for autism.

Treatment of Autism with Oxytocin by Jorge D. Flechas, M.D., M.P.H. of The Nevada Center:

See the full 50 minute video on Treatment of Autism with Oxytocin