Why I do not support IVF as the first option

Why I stopped ‘supporting’ IVF Some people may have been told that IVF is the only option – it may well be medically – or you could actually find and fix the blockage to sex making babies – perhaps look into this $2 app first . .

Unspoil Your Child

A child learns gratitude by not getting everything she wants. A child learns patience by waiting. A child learns generosity by sharing and giving. A child learns self-control by having to control herself. And above all, she learns contentment by not being trained to always need more and faster. – How to Unspoil Your Child Fast

Babies are cosmic

Welcome . . Life Reality for some   There is more than ‘here’ There is more than ‘now’ Maybe see also more here? Amanda: As my 3-year-old daughter Eva played nearby while I was ironing clothes in the basement, I heard her say, “I love you. I’m gonna miss you.” Eva caught my attention after …

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Taken off home page

Why is making an easy baby important? (Besides the obvious – we all need to sleep and enjoy being parents and babies) You are making your grandchildren, just as your grandmother made you. This is such a responsible job. Please put the effort to it it deserves – Maybe ask yourself . . What about …

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