Why I do not support IVF as the first option

Why I stopped ‘supporting’ IVF Some people may have been told that IVF is the only option – it may well be medically – or you could actually find and fix the blockage to sex making babies – perhaps look into this $2 app first . .

Unspoil Your Child

A child learns gratitude by not getting everything she wants. A child learns patience by waiting. A child learns generosity by sharing and giving. A child learns self-control by having to control herself. And above all, she learns contentment by not being trained to always need more and faster. – How to Unspoil Your Child Fast

Taken off home page

Why is making an easy baby important? (Besides the obvious – we all need to sleep and enjoy being parents and babies) You are making your grandchildren, just as your grandmother made you. This is such a responsible job. Please put the effort to it it deserves – Maybe ask yourself . . What about …

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Father’s Day

It is at your house? Can he even BE a dad? Start from the beginning. Relax . . For a moment – engage in QUALITY control Forget about the reproductive retail opportunities (with time deadlines of ‘her age’ thrown around) and look back to BOTH of you. Your health. Get back to nature – sex …

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