Jing Markers – him

There is apparently an infertility ‘epidemic’
But perhaps you could stop and ask yourself – am I well?

How many of these infertility markers apply to you?

Is he – prospective dad (or she – prospective mum) – well?
Are we well placed to go through the rigors of being a parent?

If not – possibly get well first?

Especially if you have been channeled into spending lots of money at assisted reproduction – of all persuasions. Perhaps take a step back and get your periods functioning properly (in her case) and great gut health and then the sperm up to optimal (not just scraping the least-fertile markers) – as miscarriages are not really where you want to start your parenting journey. See more here – and download your insurance package –  Avoiding Early Pregnancy Loss (also available as part of the Easy Fertility package)

It is really a state of toxins in your body – stopping normal from happening.

All the substances and modern living and less sleep and less nourishing foods that your great grand parents had – means you do not have the ongoing tribe of pregnancies that they had to endure. What is different in the past 30 years?

Only that long ago people were desperately trying to STOP the baby flood.

  • Could it be in the water? (Probably)
  • Could it be in the use of chemicals that hormonally disrupt all beings (definitely)
  • Can you reverse this? (Yes). (click the link)

What to do? Simplify your life

Start taking all the micronutrients that are missing from the food chain – either through not being in the soil to start with – or being bypassed due to modern farming techniques.

Males losing their manhood 

Hormonal disruption due to the 21st Century ways and habits and toxins.
Definitely a lower than fertile sperm test.
(or sperm that are sluggish/can’t sperm/wonky heads/deviant/not enough).

Listen to Dr Chris Smith on ABC radio

I am now seeing NO that is NONE – fertile men in to make babies. They would be dads if they were. The low AMH (totally fixable with life changes and personal effort), endometriosis and all other excuses given can not get past the fact that HE has not the sperm quality his own dad had.  It is all about vibrant health .  . . having a great digestive system and putting good quality foods that build great babies into it.

What to do?


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