Should I use IVF?

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Yes – you need it BEFORE baby is on board. . .

If you cannot get pregnant or carry a baby to full term, this is Nature’s way of stopping you from producing imperfect offspring.       

The message is:

something is wrong if sex has not made you pregnant. 

Find out what is getting in the way, not the medical label – but what is blocking your wellness.

Babies follow sex – that is what it is for.

Ingredients to make a baby?

Ask yourself – do I want a perfect baby?

Of course you do – that is why all pregnant couples that dangerous and expensive testing happens – through fear.  It would be more sensible to ensure that you make the best baby possible BEFORE conception – which is why this site is here – preparation and foundation is what happens should you be running a marathon, or building a house . . Perhaps think about respecting your developing, and highly vulnerable fetus. Make a big effort (Esp the guys) properly so you don’t have to damage his/her DNA through scanning. Allow nature to unfold. Start baby by being healthy and all will be well.

Baby insurance is you both start from optimal health – consciously assuring yourselves that the very best baby will be made.

Do you want a healthy child?

Of course you do – so instead of listening to the fear campaign around your age and supposed egg reserve – it may be more sensible to wonder about how the health of the baby. Why all those toxic chemicals need to be inserted into baby along with the vaccination, the instant he/she arrives. Nature has a great safety package – placenta, vagina, cholostrum then breast milk – do nothing to not allow baby to pass through all gates – as these will give baby the best start – not foreign chemicals inserted after birth . .

Injecting chemicals never designed to be in baby’s tender bloodstream is not a health measure – being healthy before and during pregnancy is your insurance baby will be fine.

If this is at all bothersome for you to read – perhaps see someone who is not interested in your having the healthiest baby possible.  Healthy babies do not get ill. Healthy mothers breastfeed easily and this provides baby with all the immunity it needs.

If you are not having easy pregnancies or not getting pregnant with regular sex – please remember it is a couple project and at the very least, please have a semen analysis done (really needs to show at least 50% LOOKING normal and most of them swimming fast) as most women have no chance naturally unless changes are made – and it is usually HIM that needs a health overhaul.