Why is my IVF not Working?

I support making well healthy babies from well healthy parents.

I do not support IVF attempts.

Llittle if anything has been done to ensure you have a great embryo that easily transplants and grows uneventfully into a happy baby.

What do I mean?
There is a reason you are reading this.
Baby has not automatically happened from the loving embrace of two healthy (thus fertile) people .

So why not start at the beginning?

Not the end – IVF – but the beginning.
Your health.

A healthy woman makes easy pregnancy and birthing likely .
A healthy menstrual cycle means great metabolism and a healthy ‘garden’ to plant the baby.

Early warnings abound – period pain means something is not right there.

It is NOT normal to have irregular and difficult changes throughout the month.
If an easy period is not what you have – then there is a warning – please do not ignore this as the health of future pregnancies is at stake.

Modern medicine is not health-and-wellness orientated.

To be even thinking of making a baby – like planning a house – there is a few crucial steps.

Mostly – great raw ingredients – and that is where the average farmer becomes a great success or failure.

So too with your potential family – what are you making it with?

Please start thinking.
Not accepting what is said routinely.
It changes – often and often radically.

As I have been working with maternal and women’s health for over three decades on Brisbane, I know the changes are not all good.  Or helping you or your children.


To not even ask about what you eat  – what you are making the sperm and eggs with is a very bad start.
No farmer would be that irresponsible – their livelihoods depends on quality offspring.

If this sounds too confronting of your belief systems, perhaps skip me and try someone who is happy to take your money, promising the earth . . or at least success.

You are the creators of your life.
I provide hopefully food for thought – so you go off and work out the meaning of what you do for your life.

We as helpers/facilitators/service providers do not make the life changes that will make the difference you seek.
You have to do it yourself.
To get a different result – you have to change what you are doing.

Usually it is HIM that needs to start getting involved with the subjects.
They are not women’s business.
They affect massively all of the rest of your lives together.You and/or your partner are not well enough/IVF and other medical assisted reproductive practices can’t adjust quality

When you are told to go through IVF, or if a specialist says that you (or your eggs) are too old, or that you are a ‘non-responder’, or that the sperm is hopeless and ICSI or donors are required, you could stop and think:

  • Is this the only answer?
  • Are they even right?
  • If I am to be pregnant/a parent – is there something I can do to be better before it happens – and in doing this is it likely that I may also then raise the standard of my own eggs/sperm?
  • What can I do to improve the quality of the baby I want so much?
  • Would doing some of these things also lift the game of my gametes?

Instead of thinking – “I want a baby at any cost”, you could equally wonder – “Why is Nature blocking my attempts to be a parent?”

Eating — what can your ‘food factory’ do for you?

Moving into the natural healing/traditional medical realm is often the easiest way to assist yourself as it always works gently and safely as nature would wish.  Firstly, you need to normalise the BBT (Basal Body Temperature), which itself tells us what the metabolism is up to.

By changing your perception on eating and what you think you need to eat as shown in Heather’s eBook, Helping Yourself to Health and Vitality, and by removing all aspects of liver and toxicity overload, the whole fertility/bad periods/poor sperm issue may be easily resolved.

This is also true for any other problems that you think are just ‘you’ – as often we get used to our bodies working less well and consider it ‘aging’ or part of being a woman, or that we just feel some exercise, or changing jobs will straighten out.

Another way of looking at this is that what you have been doing has created the very problems you seek to alter, so changing the ‘fuel’ will cause the ‘engine’ to perform very differently. This is FREE – it does not require paid therapeutic intervention, just a change in thinking and life choices.

How much will it cost?

What you could Do

1)    Out go all the cigarettes, caffeinated drinks, coffee in ALL forms (yes I do include ‘decaffeinated’), alcohol and sugar.

2)   Next, cut all gluten from the diet. As the Western diet is gluten dependent, this prompts a total rethink of what you are prepared to call ‘food’. The object of eliminating all gluten is that it stops you eating processed food immediately. (It also stops comfort eating along with the no sugar/chocolate dictate). Removing gluten will probably eliminate all the bloating and digestive hassles that actually make your gut work far less effectively than it could. This leads to much better quality Blood and other raw ingredients.

Working with our body towards wellness

Ideally, we would eat not to fill our bellies/satisfy our taste buds, but to rebuild and maintain ourselves. Looking at how a well body works, we see that in conjunction with the actions of the sun, we have a blueprint to work with it. Starting with sunrise, we need to eliminate what was left over from the day before. A good bowel movement then starts the gut in motion and a warm nourishing protein meal is optimal to kick-start the metabolism /thyroid.

Cereals, orange juice and coffee are the stuff of TV commercials, but not how good sperm and eggs and babies are made. Babies can have very real problems digesting breast milk made from what was not such a good breakfast for you either; please stop eating cereals, and substitute real (protein and fat) food.

Jing markers questions
·         Do you feel or look older than you are by the calendar?

·         Are your feet hot at night/uncomfortably warm needing to be put out of the bedclothes?

·         Are your teeth becoming less bright white and more translucent/ yellowed/grey?

·         Is your hair colour fading/going grey/losing/shedding/growing more sparse/slower/less healthily?

If you have any of these concerns, be sure that quality eggs and sperm being attended to (not just the quantity), forcing more mediocre ones is not going to give you a great baby.

So what does all this mean?

Why should you be concerned? After all, eggs are eggs. They are with you from when you are in your mother’s belly, awaiting stimulation from IVF drugs. You have heard no doubt that the biological clock ticks on well before Mr Right is even found; by 40, we are now reminded. So what does it mean to have ‘old’ eggs?


Here we see the difference between mechanical medicine and a more holistic approach. Think about what we are made of. There is a colossal issue missed in all branches of orthodox medicine – concerning what we eat and what we do with ourselves- as though it has nothing to do with the outcomes (cause and effect). . . although any farmer would beg to differ here, particularly concerning quality.

We can actually change anything, not just by what goes into our mouths, but also by what we do with ourselves, how we think, and the sorts of things we choose to focus upon.

We are not bound to what, according to tests of any description, is happening right at this moment. They capture a moment in time, but our bodies are dynamic — the better the nourishment and rest we get the better our bodily workings and the better the sperm and egg quality.

These two concepts are very different. Some younger women have lived so hard and fast, or have had such poor starts in the Jing department, that they are far older in terms of their energy and zest (especially in the egg quality department), than possibly their own mothers.   (Please see eBook “Inner Changes in Pregnancy”)

Please sign up for the DVD ‘Getting There’ as in this you will get the missing pieces of the fertility puzzle.

Not as given in current literature – but from Heather who has been working to help couples naturally conceive for over 30 years.


No – just what was common sense. . .

Simple natural solutions create happy families with healthy mothers and children.