Well Woman’s Health and Fertility – Naturally

Perhaps NOT living in fear and making all decisions based around the medical predictions – but perhaps listening to the small inner voice that is there to guide you . . .

Perhaps seeking further assistance as to how to work WITH your body – not against its blueprint may help – consult the various ‘owner’s manuals that Heather has designed to help myriads of people over the past decades – how to alter your metabolism, fertility, digestion, structure and all the pesky things that bother you.

For the many stages in a person’s life .  .  . and for a continuity of natural care model . .

  • From before the baby making, on into easy puberty and periods;
  • through fertility, pregnancy on into conscious maternity;
  • easy birthing and lactation;
  • parenting on into the next generation of well people . . .
  • and eventually into the twilight years – always with conscious living as your guide

We were designed to be comfortable and happy – if you are not – please discover what you can do to bring yourself back to balance . . .
Perhaps you could try looking at the body/mind/spirit and how all work together to give you a harmonious life – or not – and how to change what is happening to possibly what would be more comfortable. When all else seems to be going wrong – perhaps you could look to the blueprint and take yourself back to basics?

Over three decades of natural health care Heather has distilled through her own eyes and life experience, and across three separate modalities – acupuncture, naturopathy and conscious living, some easy and effective answers to life’s puzzles.  Easily read and accessible eBooks, manuals and DVD sets, posters and MP3’s – a lifetime of healing at your fingertips to be discovered . .  . . find the answer to your life questions in Helping Mother Nature – a natural fertility guide

As an example of getting back to the source, rather than focusing on the bit that is upsetting you –

Life Not As You Would Wish It

Perhaps if your life seems not to fit – your digestion is upset/you feel panicky depressed/possibly get palpitations/faint easily/are easily upset and get angry /are emotionally volatile/have aches and pains and can’t get enough sleep /energy – whatever the trigger – perhaps you need to return to the ‘owner’s manual’ and see what you need to do to get your body working WITH you – as often life hassles are a simple matter of returning to the basics . . .

A plethora of practical solutions with handy hints  all which work – perhaps browse the shop for enlightening instant answers in the various eBooks (go to the shop please).  Perhaps start with the ebooks in the Live Well package . . .  These will help answer the flowing drams that may be playing continually like a stuck track/broken record in your life . . .

Your Metabolism

More than likely (over 90% of those who consult me for ANYTHING ) you have  an under functioning thyroid (regardless/or especially if the blood tests from the doctor say you are ‘fine; or ‘on the low side’ . . . or adrenal fatigue/exhaustion – life is too fast and we just weren’t designed or don’t enjoy being in a rush indefinitely – continually trying to get ahead . . . we start wearing out  . . .

Can’t Lose Weight/Get Out Of Your Own Way

This is so true as all are grabbing what is out there in popular culture – very far removed from what was considered normal or natural even thirty years ago – so why rely on what is in fashion today – why not find out how the body actually works and heals itself?  And what YOU can do to help yourself heal . . .

Regardless of what diet/what you do/however much effort you put into attempting to get on top of yourself, it just doesn’t happen – see the owner’s manual – especially start with ‘Living In It’ as honouring our digestion/our selves is the key to at least blood sugar stability to begin healing.  Helping Yourself to Better Health and Vitality gives you the understanding of what happens on an ENERGY level when you eat – and why such a simple thing as the TEMPERATURE of what you put in your mouth dictates whether you can even digest it – or not – leading on into all those food sensitivities/allergies and general misery that may have been your life for some time . . .

Your Teenager

Similarly – if you have someone who is going through changes at your house – helping their body actually return to stability is often as simple as understanding the role of the liver energy – and how when it is upset, so is everything in their lives – and those of everyone around them – what to do?

If puberty is chaotic, with moodiness and minor disasters ruling home life – why not go back to the basics with great nutrition, sunlight, activity and inclusion /loving acceptance?

Get Heather’s “Live Well” ebook package

Consult with how to get the Liver energy to flow smoothly again – hints on this and more found in Practical Stress Solutions – the specific puberty one will be out soon . . . sign up for your free copy when you buy the beginners’ pack on self help today . . .

Your (Or Their) Periods

Any deviation away from perfect periods, into hormonal chaos is NOT part of the design and needs gentling rather than chemical and surgical forcing back to ease.

If your periods are truly awful and you have lived with ‘all my family are like this’ and believe it is just because of a diagnosis someone has given you – perhaps undo what has happened to YOUR body/soul to lead you to dysfunction – as being a well woman is every woman’s birthright . . . . Beginner’s book – found in ‘Living In It’ – as part of the initial start up package . . . Helping Yourself

Your Fertility

If not getting pregnant – why not – perhaps become more well first?

If pregnancy/parenting seems to have gone off the rails and you are faced with problems – perhaps start again from the basics – what does the body need – what are you doing to provide it with what it requires to unfold as designed?

Natural reproductive vigor – easily managed when we undo what has ‘broken’ this life and body – often what you try to pretend is ‘over’ – especially emotionality – fuels the distress that your physical is working through.  A more gentled and effective way of getting what you think you want may well be returning to your body’s inner wisdom and asking what it needs to heal – be at one with the programmes all mammals carry – especially in reproduction as we are born to replicate ourselves.

See Heather’s Easy Birthing packageHelping Yourself also Helping Mother Nature, (includes Supercharge Your SpermQuality Baby Making and Inner Changes for a Well Pregnancy.

Your Baby

If baby is unsettled – perhaps you (unwittingly through listening to too many exerts and their faddish opinions) broke it?

What were you thinking operating in fear, believing that nature needs help – at all stages of babies early life – an especially at birth – why can’t great breast milk shield baby from the world – why DO we need all those poisonous chemicals in baby as soon as s/he is here Why can’t baby sleep where she is best comfy? (Invariably on the tummy – so everyone sleeps well?)

Why is it that baby is screaming and you have no peace yourself – perhaps you did not listen to nature throughout the baby’s early life – do you want this chaos to continue through to tantrums/willfullness/unruly adolescence and on into disruptive adult relationships?

Perhaps get a grip now . . . start working with the body, its need for routine, and moderation and boundaries – let nature prevail and ignore ‘expert’ driven panics  . . this is all around as the newest medical fads – perhaps instead ask your great-nanna what she did – and follow this wisdom of healthy living – simple and as it was when . . .

Your Anxiety / Mood Disorders / Depression / Sleeping

If your digestion or eating troubles you – in any way – perhaps look to how the body could be fuelled and be respected more through your changing life choices.  By seeing a body as a whole rather than the bits a specialist may choose to focus upon – you yourself can completely transform how you are feeling . . .

Start with Helping Yourself and the LIve Well package – a lifetime of habits start with what fuels you –what you choose to put in your mouth and why . . .?

What has happened to what keeps you sane as a woman?

Your blood energy – and what has happened to your energy and life that has lead to ‘hormones’ being blamed for everything . . .  look to the answers found in the Helping Yourself and the Freeing Yourself packages – you don’t need to spend a fortune consulting others – just click here and get started – it all works – and has been in Heather’s clinic and her teaching healers for nearly 30 years – no secrets – just straight talking and common sense packed in an easily read and effective eBook solution downloadable within minutes . . .

If troubled with nightmares and poor sleeping – perhaps undo what has lead to the unquiet spirit?

PAIN – on any level . . .

If pain is a constant companion – on all levels – perhaps look to what is blocking /stagnating your life flow and allow healing (change) to happen to blast it through . . . Live Well package. (Helping Yourself upgraded to include Getting out of Your Own Way (and free meditation MP3) plus Liberate Your Butt!! With Moxa Use.


If there is apparently no (MEDICAL) hope – perhaps move through that installed belief and being stuck in that (helpess and distressing) perceptual cul-de-sac to where you CAN shine through again as a being of light  . .

For all and any apparently hopeless prognosis – be it with a very damaged baby or a terminal condition (as life actually is) see what Heather’s lifetime of learning, working with others and of teaching healers has to say to help you through – visit her website for practical solutions and inspiration, steps to help ourself and possibly even book a consultation – easybabies.com.au