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Answers to the questions you may not even have asked yet


Energy changes for a better life

Iodine – ingredient for life


Easy Babies Fertility

Easy Babies Fertility

Easy Babies  Pregnancy

Easy Babies – Pregnancy

Easy Babies Birthing

Easy Babies – Birthing

Restore Yourself to Better Health & Vitality


Restore Yourself to Better Health & Vitality contains these ebooks and audio tracks:

Restore Yourself to Better Health & Vitality

Women’s Vitality Package

Women’s Vitality Package

Men’s Vitality Package


Men’s Vitality Package

Complete Pregnancy/Birthing Care pack

wdcd_plus_birthingGet Heather’s definitive guide to women’s health, pregnancy, birthing and beyond with the Massage DVD that is inside the back cover


Heather’s Birthing DVD

 Free Yourself


Are you happy with your life?

Release Yourself from . . .

Old worn out ways of being that are holding energy patterns stuck, not letting you flow through your life as well as you want to

Let go all the grief/shame/guilt

Baggage in general – old beliefs, which like clothes kept too long – that you really do not fit any longer.

Free Yourself

Why an eBook?

eBooks are:

  • instantly downloadable,
  • available anywhere in the world,
  • easily read on screen
  • or printed for further reference.

All these ebooks are written with you in mind (what I would tell you in a session) if we had the time.


100% satisfaction guarantee

 “I’m so certain you’re going to love this product, and that’s one reason why my current return rate is so low.
I want to make sure that you’re 100% happy with me, the product and your purchasing experience.
If you are not completely happy with your purchase for whatever reason I always offer a full, no fuss money back guarantee”

They are peppered with other people’s stories, so you ‘get’ how the inner world works and what you can do to change your outer world.

Most are referenced to many other titles – so although they can be bought individually, they are available in packages that offer huge savings.