Easy Birthing

Give yourself the best chance of a safe, natural, birthing experience.

Especially . . .

If your last birth experience less than wonderful

Using the steps in ‘Easy Birth Preparation’ can set the stage for a different birthing experience this time and hereafter.

FREE yourselves from previous birthing or gyne incidents through the relaxing and releasing pre-birth work, and avoid all post-birth traumas, be they depression, mastitis, prolapses, incontinence, or any other condition leading to poor after baby recovery.

Learn easy techniques that:

Open up to easily birth yourself as a new mum as well as meet your precious baby

BY: giving you you back – Nature expects this to go easily – all mammals do.

  • Support an easy pregnancy into an easy birth and beyond
  • Make a difference to pain levels – undo why pain is even felt!
  • Take the luck out of birthing
  • Help create a loving environment for the birth of your baby
  • Make bonding easier when you get home

Here’s what anyone can expect – it always works!

“To any women looking to achieve a empowered birth I could not recommend Heather Bruce and her easy birthing preparation.  I felt strong and supported to place my baby and myself in the best place for labour. That labour was the most amazing experience of my life!”  Karen M

“It’s the daily rituals that count – I learnt them in Easy Birth Preparations and these moments help bind the three of us physically and emotionally (and spiritually) and created a great framework for all the good things to come for us.” – Adrian

“I felt I was much more involved in the birthing process than I had at my other babies’ births. The biggest thing was that I KNEW how to help her manage the pain.”  Stewart – third time dad.

Get the manual here (or the version instantly downloadable) that he used.

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Covering more than birth preparation;

  • Simple solutions for back and pubic pain and various other aches and pains in pregnancy
  • How to change baby’s position from possible non optimal – breech, other scenarios
  • What to do to maximise the late pregnancy enjoyment – from a basic acupuncture energy and common sense/wise womanly way

Follow this easy step-by-step guide to creating a Better Birthing Experience for yourself (it will assist in preparing your body for birth and will also help create even yummier sexual experiences with your partner). This eBook includes:

  • Easier circulation of blood and energy to the lower limbs
  • Lessen any back discomforts
  • Create more space for babies
  • Great way to relax before going to sleep

Are you also looking for relief from discomfort, backache and labour pain?


Easy Birthing Preparation has easy techniques for you to use with your partner and/or other birth supporters as willing pair of hands.

Enjoy instant relief!

Easy Birth Preparation
Easy Birth Preparation