Heather’s Infertility Markers

Before you listen to the story the doctors have written or discovered for you, you could simply look from the roots of traditional medicines and to  common sense – are you in great baby making shape?

Please check.

If you have ANY of these fertility markers below, it is time to stop trying to get pregnant and look to why you are not.

The very obvious reason you are not pregnant these days (unlike 20 years ago) is that he is not nearly fertile enough (has his sperm test come back over 80% normal and over 100 million /ml with over 70% progressively swimming really fast? If not – then he needs to look to his health and do something very serious about raising HIS contribution as he can only make his baby once).

Then there is you . . .

Are your periods good?

What are good periods?

28 days between,
  • 4-5 days good red bleeding,
  • no clots,
  • no ceremony together,
  • no pain,
  • no dramas, and
  • life not messed up because of ?

Why does it matter?

The menstrual history is the report card to show that your reproductive machine is ready to roll . .

If you have these, they are very strong indications that you are not strong / vibrant enough to consider pregnancy YET:

Fertility (Jing) Markers:

1. Hair falling (often prematurely greying) – sometimes in clumps
2. Warm feet that need to be put out of the covers at night – maybe for years
3. Teeth grinding/talking in sleep (all that pent up Stuck Liver Qi creating further heat)
4. Fingernails soft/growing poorly.
5. Little/diminished sexual lubrication and interest/feeling in sex
6. Little/no ovulation mucous
7. Poor circulation in hands and feet
8. Brown start to period (not red)

If so – please stop trying to get pregnant, and instead get well first will show as a far healthier you, pregnancy and baby.

You will be older

Yes – BUT – you will be less aged – as this is a biological issue – not chronological – and the number of birthdays is not the equation.

How your Blood energy and Liver Qi and Kidney Jing are far more important – as these sustain a pregnancy and grow great babies

.  . and breast milk – and afterwards, keep you sane, and happy, sleeping well, loving being a mum – with heaps of breast milk and a happy baby

. . .and this is surely what you want?

Where do you want to be?

happy and well . .?

Are you now?

Ask yourself – will being pregnant magically make you so?

Jing (Strength of Your Constitution and Fertility) Markers

It is easy to spot these Jing / Blood changes, and it is just as easy to alter them back to ‘normal’ making you naturally more fertile.

You can use these as markers to verify that any changes/treatments you are undertaking are actually going towards where they will have better Jing and thus better babies.

On quiet inspection, these markers are usually easy to spot.

Reduced calcification in the teeth – you will see a translucency and less opacity, possible reduction in the visual whiteness.

What more obvious display do you need your likely egg quality decline (Jing in manifest in its densest form)?

Forget about expensive medical tests – just look to your body – is it doing what it should?

Where did these come from?

Many years ago, when I was going over cases for work I was writing after ceasing my practice (and yes I am back in business still – was a brief respite), I found the same few phrases appearing on the top of my patient records – for those trying to get pregnant, I had unconsciously honed down what to do – through the use of the simple eight questions above.

I have never had someone trying to conceive with NONE of these, and most have at least half, and often all of them. (Of course they have a common thread – a not-so-fertile man. If your man is healthy and fertile his sperm may be strong enough to overcome these potential problem indicators.)

Please look to the chart  below. .
This is a very cheap alternative to blood hormonal results.
Vastly more useful  as you then know what to focus upon – and it will change and you will be s much healthier – and likely pregnant – if he is fertile enough . . 3-4% normal looking (one head/one tail) does not cut it.

Two years ago the least possible fertile sperm was considered to be 15% normal and 10 years before this – 30% and 30 years before 80%

– so are women really getting more fertile to cope – or is this just cynical medical business – as ICSI is not really the way you want to make your children . .?

How about getting healthier first?

Direct BLOOD DEFICIENCY (all do overlap a lot):
1 – Hair,
4 -fingernails,
8 – brown period beginning


  • 1- Hair is the flower of Ki,
  • 2- Yin Deficiency/false heat  (think 5 hearts hot),
5,6 – (direct reproductive) and teeth.


  • 3 – Tooth grinding and dreams disturbing as a result of the heat rising,
  • 7 – poor peripheral circulation.

Heather’s Fertility Jing Markers

Kidney-Jing/Yin Blood Liver
1 Hair Quality X X
2 Warm Feet X
3 Tooth Grinding X
4 Fingernails X
5 Libido & Lubrication X
6 Ovulation Mucous X
7 Cold Hands & Feet X
8 Brown Start X
9 Tooth Quality X

Before you listen to the story the doctors have written for you,

you could simply look at the roots of traditional medicines, common sense – as all farmers knew . .

Are you in great baby making shape?

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