Farmers know the answer

– they have breeding programmes.

They get rid of what is not perfect FIRST.

All know that the stud is crucial.

That the breeding females have to be in the best condition – before pregnancy.  No one medical seems to be letting you in to the horrid secret – without quality beginnings there ARE no quality babies.

Sperm is in rapid decline

Women are not being healed of what ails them FIRST – and so the tale of woe, not parenthood – has possibly lead you to here.

Before IVF happened men were still more fertile than the average partner of the average woman coming in to see me NOW. She has been conned into thinking that it is her low AMH or her endometriosis, or age, that is stopping her being a mum.

The rates of what is seen to be possible to make a baby (with ICSI) is now what is seen as the bench mark for being possibly a dad – with expensive help – not by being playful at home in bed.

Men’s fertility decline

The men in the 80’s and 90’s were still more fertile than the ones I see now. In today’s reproductive world, they would have been classified as being ‘fertile’ (with under 5% or even under 15% normal looking sperm). Yet very soon after seeing me, they would have her pregnant, as sperm is easily improved. From 1% normal – to pregnant. It Is not hard.

But even in the past 5 years I have seen a shocking decline in men’s fertility. Slide 44 ( then general LINK – to the P/P – men’s BBT – as in Indonesia – needs to not be on the sharpen up site only – can you move it to where the EB site has it also?)

Even in the ‘90’s, pregnancy was a foregone conclusion – make some lifestyle and dietary changes, have a few normalising treatments – and as had happened in decades past, the problem was more about STOPPING pregnancy – not trying so hard to get one on board.