How I can tell how fertile HE is . .

And you can too!
Check his metabolism – cheap and simple!



Need to know more?

Easy – drop me a line – come in and see me if you are near Brisbane Australia – as I haev answers that others may not have yet worked out.
You would hope I had having been teaching this subject to colleagues for over 35 years  . .!
How to cool the testicles off so sperm can live and not be wrecked?

Do fill this out – what are you measuring up to be?
Maybe start making BIG changes – as all men who have seen me (and stayed the distance) have NATURALLY made their own babies at home – except one who started with 2 out of 5 single sperm dead found when in biopsy – and he got to 100,00 coming out – and they were all stunning – so then we need IVF . . .and no amount of sorting out her endo would have done this trick – did take a year – but they have the impossible – from essentially no sperm to their own  . .no donor sperm needed!

Men are the key – and easy to fix this: