So many seem to think that they can tell a body and a baby what to do.

What is the rush?

Why I do not support induction

(or any way of getting between mum and baby – as Nature has the only safe blueprint.)

Where is the evidence that it works? Evidence led maternity care

OR is even necessary?

Are the artificial hormones even safe?

Perhaps start your journey here

Failure to progress is not what you want:

Please read this before you agree to having your baby hassled out of you:

I am obviously not toeing the current medial ‘party line’ and am suggesting that you start demanding informed choice – not just following what is seen as being ‘safe’.

(Perhaps you need to ask for the definition of what ‘safe’ is and ‘safe’ for whom?)

All women undergo a process which is unique to them and to their baby when pregnant. Depending on your circumstances, your baby may need to be within your inner security longer than the doctors and midwives will tell you.

Read more about induction and how it might affect you

Pitocin – the whole story

Do you want to be a happy bonded mum with a tranquil easy baby? Perhaps you may want to investigate end points rather than listen to projected panicked medical catastrophising. Start with asking simple questions

Where is the evidence of no harm with all the procedures that are laid out in front of me when I am manipulated into ceasing to trust myself or my body and the birthing process?
Who wins?
Is it baby centred care?

Two very senior – midwives have written about this practice (27% of births currently in Australia are induced). Do you know how likely you are then to have a C section? (‘Emergency’?) Do ask . .[perhaps start by reading this article .
Also here – and an extensive review of all literature here

 ‘Best practice’ (eg induction) is so often against the evidence –
Who cares about maternal ability to birth, baby position or dueness being a factor in NOT being ready yet to breathe? What to do to prepare mum and baby at home safely and effectively – also here.