Male Fertility

Sperm and Male Fertility

Supercharge Your Sperm’ – another eBook from Heather

Regardless of how good the reproductive specialist says your sperm are – they could be better!! She is not pregnant and happy – otherwise you would be reading birthing or parenting info on forums. What can you do? Listen up – and change all the modern life habits your dad did not have. Male fertility is falling.

Toxins are killing off your sperm!!

Minute amounts of radioactivity won’t be helping either. What you can do . . Pesticides? What are you eating?

Reactive oxidative stress is a major problem – what to do about this? Take the Glutathione accelerator – none other will do the same job – take 6 in the morning with food – ongoing till your are well pregnant as a couple.

Take charge – detoxing is needed – safely effectively.

Recurrent miscarriages/IVF failures? What are you the man – doing differently to ensure you are giving your children the best that they could have? Maybe as simple as undoing what modern life is doing to you. Get rid of all heating influences to your testicles – start with ditching storing your phone and keys and even all electrical gadgets – anywhere near you. Keys also out of pocket 

As well as going organic, get these products as they will revolutionise your life, health and your quality babies. Why needed? Listen here

Nutrition plays a major role in the production of healthy energetic sperm, as well as the normal functioning of the male apparatus. Please check out what I have recently written in ‘Research into Improving Sperm Quality’ Also need you will be getting rid of what is stopping your sperm generating cells from doing what just happened to all prior to this last 60 years – no chemical freely messing with our forebears .  .

Men can procreate throughout their lives but, as the years go by, the higher the likelihood of defective sperm being produced. These are a major contributor to the increase in miscarriages in women with older partners. Simple exposure to plastics will do it . .

Until recently, not much has been written to show a man how to ensure that he has the best chance at healthy offspring, and later, a healthy trouble free sex life, as he ages. Perhaps the younger men are starting to realise that their personal contribution is as important as the prospective mother’s, and to start cleaning up their own act.

ROS and male infertility – what it is, Glutathione and male infertility  and what you can do about it. Seriously – easy, safe and relatively cheap as an ongoing treatment – 6 capsules at least once a day (in the morning is best) and sit back and watch the world change.

I urge all to start thinking about removing all toxic substances from their world – and the easiest way to assist with this is to find out more about this through the changes the eBooks mention here, and to buy the product that will also help your body heal faster – naturally.

research into improving sperm quality
Heather’s ongoing research into improving sperm quality

Linking BBT with sperm quality

What is that?
Basal Body Temperature . . why the BBT?
Links your metabolism to the quality of what can be made – and often even though the medicos say ‘OK’ to 4% normal looking (not making babies at each month) sperm – you know that that is not a pass mark you would want for a driver’s license . ..


How diet can improve fertility

We are what we eat . .and what is added in is the killer of your baby potential . .
What men do and don’t do dictates the quality (or presence ) of any baby . .
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Start with sacred foods – and eat as all did when baby quality meant the tribe’s survival

Read what one IVF specialist thinks as reported in Sydney Morning Herald