A reproductive specialist is NOT a health specialist

Fertility is as easy as being healthy.

Periods are meant to be easy. If they are not this is a warning of trouble ahead.

Health restoration and a return to perfect cycles and life is not the scope of practice of the reproductive teams.

Almost all who come to see me are actually in the throes of being very unwell – independently of their hopeful baby journey. They may have been unwell for years.  They are also very stressed – not eating well, not sleeping and not exercising – often not having fun with each other either – and generally considering all this is optional. How do they think a well pregnancy and a happy life with healthy baby and a sane mum in an intact family is to happen with them still being so unwell – and often with him also being so unhealthy/resistant to making any changes?

Perhaps it is time to sort out the messengers (hormones)? What are they saying?
What can you do to become a happy cycling woman who does not feel at the mercy of surges and currents and times of the month . ..

If you need surgery – maybe you have left things too long – but often even surgery is not needed – especially if within 6 months you find yourself back there again. Why is the body doing strange things?

If you do not follow nature, how can you expect to have a healthy pregnancy, a happy life with a gorgeous easily birthed baby, who is easy to raise?

‘First catch your rabbit’ – the beginning of an old recipe book for rabbit stew. In relation to making babies – first be well. You need good seeds first. That means sperm and eggs. These are made from what is left over from living in your busy life. If you are tired, flat, upset – how great can be the beginnings of this baby project?

Who asks about your health? Substances and chemical loading? Supplements? What you are making this egg cycle/baby with? What you eat? What you drink?  Whether alcohol is part of your week . .

Health is about vibrancy, adaptability, everything working on automatic, so no pain, depression, mood swings, digestive and aching issues . .. It is likely after all this stress (and it is 90% in my clinic the man directly that is holding up proceedings)  – and no one actually looking at wellness, but going straight to where spending lots of money instead of exercising common sense will happen.

More and more stress – less and less health . . .

Look to health = fertility.  Work backwards. You could stop ‘trying’ to make a baby – as your grand parents were all about trying NOT to get pregnant. Just revert to living a simple life, as that is fertile – without chemicals.  It is highly unlikely if you return to wellness ANY micro management of the cycle is needed. Cut out all the pesticides, the preservatives, the colored dyes and the cleaning products – the plastics, the cooking with the microwave, cocking his sperm with a mobile phone in his pocket, and start retrieving health.

To be well you could . . . Start here

If instead, you pretend the current health and period and not making baby problems are incidental to the process and are are not warnings and try to force things – the assisted (forcing) IVF protocol may work . .  . and it might not.

Make sure your efforts are rewarded. Easy fertility equals easy pregnancy, equals easy babies.