Miscarriage and IVF Implantation Solutions

The Problem

No one seems to be looking at the men who are such huge contributors to this drama.

Perhaps start by looking here.

Miscarriage / spotting / bleeding

Many women have spotting, bleeding, cramping or pain in their abdomen or back and worry about losing their baby. Often there is a good reason and it is easy to alter – have you been too cold, lifted something heavy, suddenly felt something ‘give’ inside, had a fall, been feeling very run down or exhausted? Perhaps the body decides – not now.

The Reason ‘Why’

Much like house foundations, the foundation is everything. You can only make this baby once.

Made by two parents: often the men are forgotten once pregnancy happens – yet early miscarriages / pregnancy losses are likely to be at least 50% his initial contribution. There is a good reason why the miscarriage is / has been happening and this needs investigating – not just trying again. The sperm and egg quality will then be assured and your state of health will be far better.

Neither parent to be may have been super well, or looking after themselves the way their grandparents would have taken for granted.

Reasons, besides his sperm were not good enough to start a great baby –

1) HIM – See Research into Improving Sperm Quality

2) MUM – is not strong enough (Metabolism and Blood energy are not perfect to sustain her and as well as another – see Making Quality Babies), leading to…

3) BBT being possibly lower than normal – and hence less progesterone (pregnancy protection hormone) than what’s required. See more on temperatures in the Helping Mother Nature – a Fertility Guide ebook Maternal Age Vs Baby Readiness

4) COLD – check your belly – is it warm? See Cold Is Not A Woman’s Friend

5) RAW or SWEET FOODS – Either too much cold or raw or sweet foods and fluids, weaken the upholding energy in the body. See Cold Is Not A Woman’s Friend

Warning – this next one may ruffle feathers – I include it as where else will the truth be shown?

6) You vaccinated or had dental work with amalgams done whilst early in pregnancy – one word – (please) DON’T.

When swine flu vaccines were all the rage , so many women who vaccinated early in the pregnancy miscarried. Relative risk – how much do you value your baby? Do not take anyone’s word for it – investigate so you do have informed consent ask to read the warning insert that comes with all vaccines. Is ANY amount of Mercury or Aluminium safe inside a baby?

There are NO safety studies done for young children or babies – and fetuses are so much more vulnerable. There is far too much neurological damage done with any of the heavy metals (Mercury and Aluminum) in the vaccines – the best way to ensure health is to eat and live well. At least take more Vit C all through a day, and Magnesium to sleep deeper and to regenerate.

The Solution

Discover the likely culprit and start repairing.

Watchful monitoring with blood tests and scans (dangerous to baby) to worry over is not productive, and expensive. The time to ensure a healthy pregnancy was through great preparation before conception.

Refer to the The Human Matrix within the Women’s Vitality Package – which explains how we are all made and make our children.

Find out what you can do! Miscarriage First Aid