Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

This seems to be a very common problem, and is growing in awareness as a cause of women not conceiving/hyper stimulating on IVF and having a torrid time generally, with medical proclamations of pre diabetes, in your future, and right now you suffering from pimples, weight gain and hair growing where it doesn’t usually in women, to keep you worried and irritated.

All of these things are not part of your blueprint.

They have been superimposed upon you from the life that you have lived so far.

It may be that you have forced this condition to appear through your life style choices and now you have started on a diet/exercise regime and things (esp the fat) just are not moving fast enough for you . . .

It may be that by going on binges of food fads, alcohol and drugs and generally – maybe living loosely – maybe ‘just’indulging/drinking coffee to excess – your liver is JUST NOT HAPPY – and it shows in your hormonal health.

Should you wish to change, you can, by altering how you are, what you choose to eat, and what you believe to be ‘a life’.

Sound ridiculous?

In times past, only the fat bearded ladies at the circus were known to have this condition, as without modern investigative techniques, nothing much was known about one’s internal plumbing/workings, past the primitive studies of cadavers.

Here I wish to give you an understanding of WHY this happens, looking past the medical and the naturopathic ‘takes’.  Not what hormones are imbalanced and what can be ‘done’ medically, but why it is there at all, and what you can do to ‘ungrow’ this condition back to where you should be/were.

If this sounds at all absurd, please remember that the type of lenses you are looking through makes a big difference as to what you believe is in front of you.  Beyond visual aids, to make sense of what we believe that we are seeing, we also need to know the scale – looking at a microscopic picture without knowing its size gives us a very different concept of what we think we are seeing . . . .

Thus, to see PCOS differently, I would like you to suspend what you know about bodies, and think nature.  When there is a degree of heat somewhere, unless water or some other method of cooling is applied, heat damage can occur.  When this heat energy is within the body, and the body has no tools to process it easily, the body MUST take evasive action – to cool the tissues down.

It does this by placing fluid there. Cellulite/fluid in the tissues making bloating on all levels (at least stop ingesting all gluten andcereals if necessary).  Cysts form and the PCOS (or in fact any lump) is only a warning to show you that you are too toxic/hot within.  Hence, just like that it now makes sense why when you are hot – you want a cool drink/a swim (in cooler water) or you want to move away from the source of heat – so too that were you to put a great amount of heat into your system,  you create problems.

How Do You Give Yourself Too Much Inner Heat?

Many ways – maybe a little of everything or mainly one – or perhaps you just got lucky and were MADE from a toxic beginning (hence the need to stop and become a consciously conceiving couple).

On thus – MAKING BABIES – BOTH OF YOU make the baby – so all heating products – especially all the ones that everyone relies upon – coffee/caffeine /chocolate/sugar and fruit/cigarettes/alcohol and whatever else you reach for when upset- all CREATE heatin the reproductive system.  This causes foundation problems that YOU nay currently be experiencing – do you REALLY want to be watching your precious children undergoing these dramas decades on in their own lives?

Why not clear out these inherited weaknesses NOW through consciously preparing yourself to be a well set of parents?

  1. – What you do not drink enough – water is required to run your engine well.  Without a lot of pure and uncool (not chilled), lots of impurities get to lodge where they were never supposed to be.  The lack of water to flush away mess in our lives gives rise to grime.  So too within the body.  Thus, to help heal any situation, water and plenty of it is always going to help.Anything that is chosen to be eaten/taken into the body, that requires water to dilute it (think excessive use of salt, sugar, all chemicals of any description) and too much hot energy – curries, chillies and very concentrated foods is a problem here.Unfortunately, we seem to have lost our natural abilities to discern when we need something and have replaced this for us, so that when we ‘want’ something we may think that this is what we actually need.  Manufacturers of food stuffs have assisted themselves through the addition of ‘flavour enhancers’ and other such marketing ploys that kid your taste buds into repeating the experience.  Over time, the consequences of all these food and other choices add up.In combination with the lack of pure water, the consumption of non water liquids (coffee, carbonated drinks and tea and hot chocolates etc) leads the average person to function, although possibly with some minor health issues . . . all of these mentioned actually need water to help wash away what they also carried – and often no extra water is drink at all.
  2. This leads to toxicity issues– that show themselves as a change from perfect functioning – bad breath, digestive heat – often as heartburn and reflux, but also as constipation, facial pimples, concentrated and smelly urine and other bodily discharges, and general feelings of heat and irritability throughout the body/mind.From here the average naturopath will suggest all sorts of changes.  The heat that is felt in the system is real, and needs to be discharged/vented/put out and otherwise neutralised.  What better way than through drinking water and reducing/stopping the contaminants?  Eating organically does help, although it has to be easy. The extra hassle/expense whilst attempting to do everything perfectly often is more of an immoderate exercise than continuing as before, but in peace and serenity.Easiest way to sort out the underlying toxic wastes that we all accumulate is to take a very safe and gentle product such as activated liquid zeolites.One aspect that does not get a mention in detoxing diets and the like is the emotional heat component.
  3. – In Chinese medicine, one of the major ‘causes; of disease is seen to be ‘emotional’– not expressed appropriately/over indulged in, and repressed all have their contributions to our ‘stress’ levels and whether or not the body actually works well.  Please read all the “Stuck Liver Qi” information on this site.In Chinese medicine, anger – and rage and bitterness and resentment and fury –all not FELT as we are all being so ‘nice’/’good’ and ‘spiritual’ – these often fester well and give us the myriad of women’s and digestive symptoms that are like never-ending stories – they revolve around the life we believe that we have to be living, and we create the situations that we are then imprisoned by.

    What do I mean?
    Living the lie of being ‘good;’ however this looks – staying in the job/house/ marriage/country you feel stifles you – not going/doing /being whatever you dream to be – overseas/to visit that special man/not trying out for a position – not taking walks because you are scared of what might happen next – all the fears that hold you stuck – are all based on beliefs that may no longer be helping you.Your Liver energy needs you to feel and move and be all of who you are. Anything less than this – and sometimes we can all be pretty messy whilst working it all out – is to ensure that dis-ease is awaiting.
  4. – For many women, sexual interference was part of their early life, and the resultant deep trauma and unfinished-ness of it really interfere with the daily survival and life enjoyment.  Being stuck in an incident and /or consequences halts normal life and growth, until the choice is made to make friends with, and thus heal, the woundings.  Not knowing what to do with the unwanted attention, not being heard when expressing concerns, and not being validated as the special spirit that we all are, has lifelong repercussions.Life force is not flowing.Depression results and Blockage/Congestion/Depression of all aspects of being – pooh stops up, blood pools and clots. Pain from all of this creates further angst.  Life gets just too hard .  . .

Learn what you can do to reverse this in Getting Out of Your Own Way

It is confronting to undo this – but to date it has stayed with you – influencing ALL life choices – is it time to let it all go and LIVE/LOVE??

Fear of real intimacy/an appropriate lover/a more fitting job and life are all some of the sacrifices made when we feel that we are less than perfect. See Why Do We Fall in Love?

The inner angst as the lie we live does not match you inner knowings and programmes for this life, mean that we are likely to fall ‘ill’ with some “stress” related condition.

Life – a combination of those above, different ‘stresses’ and other factors such as the age and condition if your own parents when you were growing within, all plat a part in the person you now know yourself to be.

What can change?

HAIR – where it should be.

Many women (up to a third) who walk into my clinic to get pregnant have hair falling – quite often they report it shedding in clumps.  Partners get fed up with the black strands all over the floors and down the plughole – women get distressed about the thinning /falling/ losing colour and early greying of their once beautiful locks.

Or maybe it has always been thin, sparse and poorly coloured and conditioned?

What do you know about healthy menstruation?

Think no further than your blood energy.

A lot of women reverse out of PCOS naturally – just by stopping the internal heat that comes through eating and living in the modern ways.  Also by taking charge of themselves and their inner responses as above – see my ebook package: Getting Out of Your Own Way – a handbook for less reactivity and more joy in your life.

If you feel babies are not possible because someone, regardless of who, has told you this, please be heartened that this is not so.

Many women with PCOS have become pregnant – naturally and easily.  It is all a matter in stopping what creates your angst and need for self medicating – chocolate/caffeine/alcohol and so on – and exercise and over doing the thin thing, if this is how you have learnt to control the inner anger .  ..

I now have a Helping Mother Nature package available, containing ‘Getting There’ DVD presentation and ‘Unfolding Jing’ poster.

So – in a nutshell – it is all about healing – and this does not come from a bottle, or a drug that is supposed to override what is happening chemically.