Moxa Use in Pregnancy

Moxa Use in Pregnancy

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Moxa/massage is THE therapy of choice in my opinion for nearly every ‘high risk’ pregnancy

This is because together they free any congestion/stagnation.

This is especially so in the pelvis, where all the angst and life repression is held.

Where it has to be released in order for the placental flow to be optimal and where any congestion has to be undone in order for easy birthing.

What is Moxa?

Moxa is the name of a substance that was a plant (Artemis Vulgarus ).

The process of burning it either as a stick (looking much like a cigar) over acupuncture points, or on the needles in acupuncture treatments was far more likely to be experienced decades ago.

Currently with the lack of good ventilation in modern clinics, the presence of smoke detectors and clean air legislation, anti smoking environments and public expectation, the use of moxa has dwindled.

This means that your local acupuncturist may not use it, or may use ‘smokeless’ moxa.

Moxa is usually found in a roll similar in appearance to a cigar.

It is lit at one end — it does not flame, but smoulders.

To use, hold the lit end about a centimetre away from the skin; the heat penetrates and feels wonderful. By moving the stick up the back to the waist, it helps move the energy through a major energy meridian/channel, allowing all the structures around the heated area to relax.

This is particularly helpful in late pregnancy to help relax mum and the entire abdominal load/structure, or when the person is feeling tired/achy.

Follow this link to get your FREE ebook “Moxa Use in Pregnancy