Ovarian Reserve

Time is your friend – the modern lifestyle and reproductive medicine that has you in a such state of fear about aging, is not.

I help couples have healthy pregnancies and great babies after sorting out why it is not happening naturally.

I do not support forcing babies onto a body without looking to the reasons why natural conception has not happened, as it is vital that you BOTH are in  a very great state of health before conception. No farmer woudl be so silly.

It is the state of the male that dictates a great result I have found over the decades. Medicine can’t help there as it is a mind set and lifestyle change and no one makes money with him stopping caffeine as an example . .

Having a mediocre test to worry you (and that test is just  a measure of your state of health – and this is very changeable) is the current way of extracting money and eggs, not always with the result for assume will happen – making quality babies.

I work with people to assist fertility as a consequence of wellness.  All this talk of ‘reduced ovarian reserve ‘ is a recent medical beat up.  His sperm generating cells age – and no one talks about his dwindling health meaning poor quality sperm.

Usually women are not pregnant as their partner (donor sperm is also not in great shape) is only marginally fertile AS WELL and the issues of health and diet and great metabolism are sidelined in the medical haste.

When working with couples (No one has not gotten pregnant under my care in NZ where I also work) it is always a matter of HIM – and here in Bne also.

This means that as there is no medical advantage ($$$) for even mentioning health, the age factor – which is not a problem – I can look as though ‘I am not with the programme’ – yet farmers and anyone with common sense can see that nature is on your side – and all that needs to happen is tweak your health – and hence periods – and running through your eggs is an answer – when the next step is escalate it to IVF. It is not the most sensible approach to make quality babies though.

I have had 32 year old women told they need donor eggs, when all that really needed was a few tips from a wise woman and his sperm improved – and this is also easy enough.

Herbs to help are a tiny part of what I do as the quality of the baby and the health of your body and life are always paramount. Acupuncture normalises and calms you BOTH down.

From here the state of the digestion which in turn is a measure of how well your metabolism is – and this is heap enough – BBT first thing (vaginal for her and rectal for him). Old fashioned they say – yet highly informative and you can monitor changes and then make adjustments to your life accordingly.

Empower yourselves.  Few men are dads with a low BBT. (under 36.6/8 first thing in the morning).

It is important to realise that there is a problem and it is not (just) your ‘age’ but your health – and his. Fertility is a measure of wellness.

Over 30 years ago when I was helping couples conceive before iVF happened, HIS contribution was less of an issue than it is now. Toxic environment needs balancing out – and again – this is not the medical concern.

Taking drugs to rip eggs out of you with no consideration for the state of your health and body is not what I support – as I build up both players after we work out what is blocking conception – and your age is not necessarily the issue – as were he fertile, and were you well – you would not be here .. . finding out ‘why’ is not done medically.

The maternal ‘age’ excuse is seen as being rational – yet we all age at different stages and the eggs may be fine, but your health may not be, and here is the real issue.

If you want to make great babies – I suggest you start as a couple.
Read through all I have written in the Making Quality Babies work.

Then come in and see me – there are babies waiting – for you to be in the best state for them to come through.