Breech and Fetal Positioning

Your baby apparently being in the ‘wrong’ position means your body is giving you the equivalent of a warning light going off – and YOU need an  answer – something needs to change.

If you are not up for this, please stop here.

If you are after a solution and you know that you can change what happens in your life, please read on .. . .

Reframe the issue – see the ‘problem’ as a gift in disguise.

Baby and your body are trying to tell you something.

It may be from reading the information within these eBooks- and there are more than one with each purchase from me – may change far more than the way your baby is currently lying within you!!!!

It may change the whole way you deal with EVERYTHING – as you really are powerful within your own life – you just forgot!!!

Luck it may look like to everyone else – and some don’t seem to have to work at getting what seems easy – it may be that this small ‘hiccup’ in your pregnancy is exactly what you needed to change direction on many other issues that will arise as you go about being a new parent- and becoming more aware, more conscious and more present is EXACTLY the sort of parent you may well wish to be – not driven by ‘hoping for the best’ out of fear . . . nature want you to win – and baby is waiting for the change.

Perhaps there is more that you need to know.
Yes., you may have a great birthing team – but are they paying close enough attention?

Is Your Baby In The Optimal Position for Birth?

1. Why Does Fetal Positioning Matter?

Babies fit better coming out of most women’s pelvises if they are positioned in the optimal way.

Often birth attendants do not notice that baby is NOT in the optimal lie – and this alone can stop you enjoying an easy birth and hence post birth life.

It is in YOUR best interests to not ‘hope for the best’, by assuming everyone is there to do a perfect job. (They may be having an ‘off’ day as we all do). Blissfully handing over responsibility may come at a huge cost.

Baby In The Op Position For Most Of Us Means:

1.     Labour is slow to start (and in fact may not do so without assistance), ‘overdue’ and most often ‘augmented’ (hurried up chemically — often at great stress to mum and baby).2.    Labour is often slow to progress, if it is pushed along artificially.3.    Labour is extremely painful — especially giving rise to dreadful back ache during contractions.

4.    Labour stalls and is often not coordinated, or behaving as labour naturally does.

(Many, especially those who labour so well and who then get stuck — ‘Failure to Progress’ at about 7 cm, would be horrified to find later that understanding how baby was lying, and being able to alter this prior to labour beginning, may have been all that was necessary to give them an easy birth).

5.    If full dilation occurs, for some mums, a tortuous process of getting baby out the wrong way begins. Baby has a lot more work and distress to negotiate the more difficult pelvic configuration.

6.    For some, baby is born as a frank OP naturally (see Carole’s story page 37)

For others, a C section follows — or may be arranged before labour even begins, or after trying to birth and failing, due to ‘Failure to Progress’ . . .  . . .  make sure this is NOT you – invest on your easy birth here – Fetal Positioning Solutions – comes with also

Liberate Your Butt!!!

A totally different way to look at all those structural aches/pains and dramas you experience – move it yourself with the loving assistance of a friend/lover/partner.

Why would you want to?

Because you will FEEL better when you do.

Within this eBook you will see how to undo all that has been carried around with you.
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The relaxation of the butt muscles:

  • allows easier circulation to the lower limbs,
  • helping with any sexual expression,
  • easier menstruation,
  • lessening of any back/structural discomforts,  and
  • creating more space for babies to turn if in a non-optimal position, to easily exit, through releasing stored energy/emotions and anything else that can be let go through attention and touch.

Two MP 3 tracks of the guided meditation ‘Reunion’