Healing After Birthing


Maybe you would like your body to work as it did /as you would like it to .. .

You may have had any incident/accident/catastrophe/surgery.

Even the last birth – or one you had decades ago .. . does not have to be recent – we to tend to hold these primal experiences in forever with us ad the upsets till into our being and we have too much happening often to deal with at the time (like growing a baby/family) so in fact this may be your mum – or her mum . .).

Life leaves its mark

We may think that we ‘are over it’ maybe

Likely there is a residue and that echo of change – be it trauma or pain is still working against normal flows. This maybe a life time of reproductive or period woes. It may also be early life impacting on your physical functions. You may hear stories of life and of birth – and get sacred – that is surely possible.

We can alleviate all possibilities of birth harm to you in your own life.

Responsible preparation is what this empowering site is for.

Here we are wondering about what you have picked up and how to heal these.
This is all in the work of Kaliana Rose – see here.
Also these remedies are accessible in the Welcome Baby kit and from me or Kaliana directly.

Let us talk about birthing injuries – to a mum’s body.
These impact colossally for the rest of her life, Also that of her family and especially to the baby – who does not have the mother they would have had – without this drama unfolding. However long ago – it needs clearing to allow life force and light to flow through again.

The 5 Systems of Flow in a body – just keeping it simple to start with.

(Video in here)




1 – Example – perineal injuries of any kind.
Immediately – it is to be rest and warmth and support and more rest.
Firstly never ever use ice on a woman’s body – for any reason.

Not after birthing not when pregnant and not on an engorged breast.
Why? – they all say to.

Ask what causes over bleeding after birth, infections, incontinence, general debility and mastitis – they do not know. The cold caused it! All elder’s wisdoms said . .
Do not break normal – ice on sore bits is not comfy – or natural – or helpful.

It sets the scene for trouble from then on. Instead?

Warmthperineal steaming is perfect and done throughout the world – as women’s business.

Castor oil packs – and used internally.
Look also to what is within the What Dads Can Do manual and massage afterwards – as all Qi and Blood flow will aid all healing. And gift you all more bonding hormones.


2 – Example – C section.

You may say – ‘but I have no issues’. Maybe not obvious to you. Even the most perfect C section and it healing beautifully with no emotional attachments – still needs work done. Why? It was major surgery. You had no time/life to heal well as we as new mums have a full time job healing after birth, making milk, and looking after our new loved one.

I did not know when I had this operation (and you may not either) that immediately baby is born the uterus is taken out – still attached and sown up! The ligaments being so stretched this is possible. What happens in all of this is a great shock – and the resultant healing leaves its mark.

Please watch this.


Help is at hand – especially if you have anything else that is not the same since . .

As a qualified Mercier (and Arvigo) trained practitioner (in addition to my 40 years of a hands-on lymph/acupuncture consultant who specialised in back and pain issues I can say this work is brilliant. Everyone who has these sessions with me says as Dr Mercier did – they feel taller – and have more space within.

How is this possible?
We open up the fascia and the body responds.
Gyno visceral corrections and all within the safe container of my being essentially a holistic body mechanic with my decades of being a multi modality/discipline natural health care professional.
Previously known mostly for my stunning acupuncture/naturopathy fusion, I have brought through the Gentling Way for those who can access one of my graduates or come in to see me in the intensive course.

This way we clear most if not all health and structural issues and delve into why this happened an dhow to bring you out of the hole you may find yourself in. Or finally get you back on your feet again.

Come in and see what magic we can make together – let life flow again.
If you are unable to see me or one of my graduates, at least invest in the Self Care online course and work through what you can. Together anything is possible with loving hands.


A little something you can do right now. .

Open your chest – to breathe in more

Gently slowly, trace around and around your belly – superficial – barely touching – and so slow – this will calm you AND enhance lymph movement.

‘Bash bash’ – up and down your gall bladder channel on the outsides of your thighs and onto your bum

Give yourself a hug – as this very gentle rocking will not only soothe you but also allow you to calm further.


Maybe see how a few simple moves can make all the difference to how you feel – here.
The online Self Care course at the bottom of that page may be a great beginning for you.