How to have an easy baby

If you wish to learn how to have an easy baby, an easy life – please read what is here with an open mind. Being a parent is about a journey into your heart. It does not have to be one born of fear.  Nature wants us to reproduce – and very often. If we are worth replicating. Please think on this.  What is right for the species – not your personal wishes necessarily.

Fertility is a measure of your health – just as with animals. Be well and all follows.

Are you in the best state you have ever been in?

If not – then why would you want to make a baby at this level of ill/health/flatness/age?

Why would nature think it a goer?

Do all that you have to get to where your health and periods, and then life are perfect – and babies will follow. Try to force babies without the first pre-requisites and you may be in for a very long wait and whilst you wait and pend all your money, in ignorance, the likelihood of a great family life dwindles. Is it him really the problem?

  • Why not go to where the healing is?
  • You own heart – look inside – are you the mother you would want to be?
  • Are you with Mr Super dad?
  • Is he looking to building himself up to be the healthiest he ever was so he can give his children the very best, as the initial sperm is all he can offer for their genetic foundation?
  • Or is he believing 4% normal looking sperm is all he needs to show up with?
  • Can he not even look to getting a sperm test? Better food and no substances to make his children with?

Perhaps you need to back up a bit – as being hopeful with the modern reproductive retail industry, which will tell you anything is possible is not he same as using nature’s template for survival of the fittest – are you the fittest you and he can be?

IVF may not be the best place to start.

Become healthy, happy, time to smell the daisies/roses and choose to life as you wish, not driven – and babies – well ones – easy ones – (often too many too close together like your forebears) will follow. As they it is supposed to be – when life and pregnancy was left alone to unfold by itself.

Stay ill, and out of balance and hope your babies will follow – and you may not have a trouble free life.  Modern reproductive medicine will have you believe time is against you – and that you should try to force nature. BUT should you stop and rest and become more at peace with yourself and your rhythms, babies will surely follow. Key ingredient – great sperm.

Is HE is fertile?

Reproductive accidents and obstetric mishaps and often great heartbreak may follow if you do not use the natural path.

Me being the parent of a massively brain injured and profoundly autistic adult daughter, means that my heartache is knowing what you DON’T want. (“But I don’t want to have a damaged baby” – as the argument for scanning and fetal testing (as though it is safe ) See Precious baby

Why not start from the best state possible so the baby IS perfect?  BOTH of you become in vibrant health and consciously prepare for making baby – not with the least possible ‘fertile ‘ sperm – but the best?  How do we know we are ready to start making babies? At least the Jing markers (quality sperm and eggs)  are perfect.

Why? Come to me and we can find out together as your expectations may well be that once pregnant – all flows. It very often does not.

Fetal testing; not telling anyone till after . .. is all about not starting from the strongest position possible – a set of healthy parents to be.

When the assumption is made that scanning and paying surgeons to oversee the end of the pregnancy – what is lost is the magic if unfolding a miracle – and the falling in love for life (with baby), that is possible with natural and undisturbed birth.