First, Do No Harm

Follow Nature

Women’s bodies are designed to bring forth new life.


Health Enhancement or hope for the best with medical watchful waiting . ..
YES – there is so much you can do to improve your, and baby’s wellbeing. Right now

but FEAR is what is being

sold to you at every single step of your journey to being parents.
We could follow what is set out as a template and live well . .

Life and health enhancement is what all cultures passed on.

Start with getting a (non chilled) glass of water

All old wives tales say avoid cold . . .

At the laps of the mothers – who tended – they knew that what you do NOW affects the rest of your, and baby’s lives.. What they hold true now as ever Gut instinct and common sense. Use them.

Women are made to bleed, then to conceive with sex and to grow babies well and birth them beautifully. Given the right environment, and appropriate nutrition, many babies can flow through one woman, growing like weeds on the side of the road, healthily and strong.

Let’s mention . . . new medical ‘break throughs – not needed by nature.

1 – Fetal scanning?

Are you sure this retail opportunity in birthing is even safe?

Your questions answered . . .

Dr Sarah Buckley speaks back in 2005 – as pertinent now as then..

What will you do to assuage your worries, all the while messing with the natural blueprint?
Please – read this before you make choices that are convenient or based on your worries – as natural undisturbed birthing traditionally has been the very best for a bonded life post birth for mum and baby – and a happy family is what you expect – make sure it happens by going natural – as indeed home birth is safest – and wherever you feel safest you will (birthing culture dependent of course!!) be safest.

If you are not focused on baby – but on what is what your friends  and family expect – yo may not get what you expect – a happy baby – but  a commonly expected one – an unsettled baby. . . .  and an upset mum – and it is you that has to break the circle – as it is you who is the adult – all baby can do is arch back and wail . .and ‘controlled crying’ is not a heartfelt maternal response. Start consciously – and do not do anything that will break your bonding – or your baby’s gentle loving beginnings.

What we have in the First World. . . .
An obstetrician is not a specialist in normal and optimal birthing – but in high risk and in dangerous. You are likely a well woman. That is the midwive’s task – to support normal and assist you through the journey into maternity. if you feel that you need an obstetrician – in addition to a natural health care professional whose job is centred around health and wellness, then that may also be needed.

Not if you are a well woman who finds herself pregnant.
You need a normal pregnancy specialist – a midwife backed up with natural health and wellness care. (As I am also a Maya /Arvigo practitioner, I strongly suggest that a few sessions with someone as myself to ensure that your BABY GATE – pelvis – is in order for easy birthing.

Structural considerations. Is uterus starting from the correct position?

It is wise woman’s ways. Consulting a continuity of life worker. Babies are for keeps – as is your post baby body.

Body warnings need heeding  see someone who knows why and what to do

Think ingredients and flows – nutrients and circulation. Correct both.

This is NOT medical – but a life framework. Life issues – easily, safely remedied through easy safe and cheap methods – at home. Also – maybe come in to see me or one of my graduate pregnancy specialists.
Or train to become one yourself. Need your sacral and pelvic issues corrected so that birthing is easier!


Starting out

Distress in lack of preparation to ensure the seeds used (sperm and eggs) and the garden the baby is to grow in (mum’s metabolism allowing perfect health thus easy periods, and no fertility issues – thus easy pregnancy and birthing and babies and lactation ) is not assured if and when you start with medical interventions – as they are not about the good care that has always been in community health – mums and grandmothers all know what you could be doing – perhaps start listening to you older women relations more?.

Why would Nature get it wrong?

Who thinks about the birth in terns of what it means for baby?

Why do ANYTHING that may impact negatively on your most precious being –  to your new being still formed?

Primum non nocere is a Latin phrase that means “First, do no harm“. The phrase is sometimes recorded as primum nil nocere.[1]

Nonmaleficence, which derives from the maxim, is one of the principal precepts of medical ethics that all medical students are taught in medical school and is a fundamental principle for emergency medical services around the world.

Another way to state it is that “given an existing problem, it may be better not to do something, or even to do nothing, than to risk causing more harm than good.” It reminds the physician and other health care providers that they must consider the possible harm that any intervention might do.

It is invoked when debating the use of an intervention that carries an obvious risk of harm but a less certain chance of benefit.

What you want . .
A calm, peaceful baby/mum/dad/family


Fetal scanning . . . . .

Is it safe?
is it necessary?
Is dad concerned?
Does he feel that the doctor knows?
Has he forgotten that this has always been – woman’s business?
Midwives of old – tended and encouraged.
No place in pregnancy for telling stories of horror – or of obscure possibilities. .
How does it help to worry you?


Check out what 30 years of thinking finds out . Is fetal scanning safe? Is it even effective? Is fetal scanning behind a lot of the autism that is so prevalent today? Can you go without knowing things that will be apparent later and trust that your baby is as perfect as you have worked towards through your conscious birth planning? Or possibly – you were in such a hurry to get pregnant, quality was an after thought? Possibly you did not think to prepare for birth? Why not – buying a car / building a house is not that foundational as making a body a person carries around for life – perhaps see more here. See more here about fetal scanning and your choices. Start asking these questions – and begin to own your own life


2 – Exposures to Toxic chemicals and products

Although obstetricians warn pregnant women not to drink alcohol and not to smoke during pregnancy, we are learning that there are other chemicals and products that women should be careful about during those critical nine months.

The Environmental Working Group found more than 200 chemicals in the cord blood of babies tested right after birth. Also see here

Here are twelve suggestions of ways that may help reduce fetal_exposure to toxins.


Safe – baby is to be within you totally protected.


How to do this? Avoid ALL extra pollutants, as you already have more than enough that were not EVER supposed to be within your fat cells – and are now circulating into baby). Declutter – take out what you can. Avoid taking in board anyone’s fear based instructions.
Body is designed to work – and mysteriously we got to here by leaving well alone.

Avoid adding more toxins in. Who knows what they will conjure up together? It is not a clean slate within. Nature needs to win for you to have an easy baby .. Flu vaccine and miscarriage? YEP – don’t. NOT MEDICAL – life. . .  Support and protect it

Are you being asked to do more than what nature has waiting for you – so you can be the best mum you can be?