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I started working with couples who were not making babies naturally as I could not imagine not having my then small son (now 45 years old).

 Over the past 4 decades – before IVF happened – there was me – the only woman in town – and only person who knew about all things maternal – from a natural health and wellness view point.

Why not – work with Nature?




She says . .

My husband and I were told that due to my age and unfavourable test results (by a GP, a fertility specialist and a naturopath) that we wouldn’t be able to get pregnant without medical intervention. That didn’t feel right for us, so we thought we’d just see what happened. Four months later I fell pregnant but at Week 9 we lost the baby. To ensure that bubs stayed on board if there was a next time, we turned to Heather.
We drove three hours and sat in her living room, full of hope but with NO clue what to expect. Heather took us on a journey to better understand our own bodies and fertility. Eight months later I was pregnant and it felt much better this time. Nine glorious months after that, our son arrived! We simply cannot imagine our lives without him. He is a happy, healthy, thriving little boy. We have been told on many occasions how expressive his face is and how healthy and happy he seems. We put a lot of that down to the ‘good ingredients’ that Heather insisted were the key to producing an ‘easy baby’. And he certainly has been. We are SO grateful to Heather and recommend her whole-heartedly.

What Heather had us do differently?

We were already pretty fit and were gluten- and dairy-free due to intolerances. Heather had us eliminate all refined sugar and drink A LOT more water. She gave us various herbs, vitamins and minerals. The biggest difference for me was applying magnesium every day. We performed daily massage and when I was pregnant my husband massaged me according to Heather’s What Dad’s Can Do book.
This felt heavenly, and we also used massage during the labour.
After giving birth I struggled to bring in my milk supply, so Heather gave me techniques to get this flowing.
Looking back, it took effort to ‘put in the right ingredients’, but we wouldn’t change a thing.
We have a happy and healthy toddler! Ann- Marie

He says

“When my wife miscarried, I wasn’t prepared for just how much it hurt.
I didn’t want us to have to grieve like that again, so I agreed to engage with Heather’s treatments. It was a journey of trust, since much of the process isn’t shared in today’s ‘modern’ medical clinics. That said, what I learnt felt grounded in tradition and common sense, like I somehow already knew it would work. Yes, we took pills and potions. Yes, we read books together and massaged each other. But more importantly, Heather’s guidance ensured that my wife and I were a tight-knit team, journeying to a shared goal as supportive partners. I wasn’t ‘the dad’ just sitting back and waiting for baby to arrive. That sense of teamwork continued after the birth, and I believe it’s a key reason why my son and I have such a strong bond today. If you are a want-to-be-dad nervous at trying something different (i.e. Heather) please trust.
Not only did she get me healthier, but she helped us build a beautiful baby. That’s worth trusting for”.Stuart – Christchurch, NZ

What to do?

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“Are you seeing people Heather?”
Online – and I may be able to direct you to the hands-on work if possible to one of my graduates. We work with nature to help YOU heal yourself.

What are you waiting for?

It is as simple as undoing why to you are not making babies naturally.

Totally in the scope of practice of someone who uses – The Gentling Way . .

Heather’s grandmotherly ways ..


I have been
Helping couples become families for the past 40+ years . .

Likely at least you will be so much healthier.
And then wait and see !!

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