We are mammals.
We have mammary glands.
It is a very unusual woman who cannot lactate.

So much more than just food and water  .

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Babies have to be able to find a nipple, attach and suckle if they are to live (in the ‘wild’).

Mother Nature has not gone to all the trouble of creating your baby, to lose at the finishing line.


Let’s explore making lactation happen – easily

Sustain wellness

Have a food factory/digestion/body/gut that can work . .


Nourish yourself

Your Blood energy is what you make milk with
Look to the easybreasts site here for the ingredients needed and all the easy foundational lactation tips found through listening to Yvonne – a senior lactation consultant.

a) – Hydration – plentiful clean, (no fluoride and other chemical additives) not chilled Water.

Essential to run you well, to flush out your toxins the appropriate way – not through the nipples to baby – and to run making more Blood so the milk is made from it.

In no particular order . .



Dietary fat

Micronutrients – Iodine

Read more here

Micronutrients – Selenium

to be able to use the iodine to MAKE thyroid hormones


Micronutrients – ZInc

Macronutrients – Magnesium 

Found in all whole foods and dark green foods.

Unfortunately when there is the presence of mercury in the tissues (and aluminium binds it even more tightly) we are in deeper trouble – and this mechanism of recent times is accelerating.


Where do we get this from?

1 – Unwittingly – our mothers have been letting their cellular toxins held in their own fat cells go – into us when we were made and as we were at their breasts

2 – Vaccination debris retained


How to remove?

This is easy, safe  – and it works.

Our body may be blinded and can’t see the ingredients supposedly in the food

(What do we even make hormones with?) or even when supplements are given.

General cellular detox ideally has happened before pregnancy – for both parents-to-be . .

In lactation – taking these ensures that what WILL go through to baby is not there – the pesticide residue – the entirety of the body burden that is now a fact of life.


Have your flows flowing

Circulation – all levels

Blood loss and being expected to make it up after birth.

Has your actual blood volume taken a hit?




Stay away from all cold invasion

If it does happen – again – take measures, do not sit there waiting for a rescue, ask what a the birth midwife would do. She is the one who is tasked with saving the day – and not expect all others to go to a theatre – more trauma.

You may say ‘EWW” – yet – do you want an easy life?

Rescue is right there . .Eat some of the placenta immediately – I know of women who hang lost 2 + litres of blood at the birth – in home births have eaten ALL of the RAW placenta and gotten to hospital as though there were no problem – she bounced back better than the midwife had ever seen anyone do . .

Drastic measures for drastic situation.
Extreme – yet – having transfusion of someone else’s life force and Shen may not be your choice – yet as  a mum who did ‘need’ this to happen – it was a lactation saver.


Flows – circulation

It is up to your Liver Energy – and when you are frustrated and upset – it does not – leading into a lot more drama . .(called ‘hormonal’).


Great new resource here – please look to all that the elders knew – especially the wiser old mums and midwives . .

Breast feeding is the ideal food for baby and almost all women can feed their own babies. If you are at all interested in baby’s immune system, the safest, and most effective immune stimulant is breast milk (from a well nourished mum, who had an undisturbed birth). The safest start for baby.

Please read this article in a midwifery journal here. The rates of death were doubled for those across all socioeconomic groupings – just a matter of breast or bottle feeding – as in the words of the writer; “Infant formula was designed to be a medical nutritional tool for babies who are unable to breastfeed,” Palmer said. “Formula does not fully meet the nutritional and immunity needs of infants. It leaves their immune systems flailing.”

Breast milk – a ‘smart drug;

So – what is all this business about baby not having tongue in the right place – it’s in his/her mouth, surely? Is the real problem more that we ‘broke’ baby’s ability to bond with mum’s body, so deeply out of it baby was when induced/extracted from her before he/she was ready?

Even for just one hour ever can be advantageous.

A wealth of interesting information is to be found here

Read more about How we make Breast Milk

Can anyone breastfeed? How to ensure that you can . .

Benefits of breastfeeding, esp enhancing/developing baby’s immune system, benefits of cholostrum,

Mum – baby bonding


Latching – how to . .

Tongue tie, pain with breastfeeding, how to reward a baby who needs to relearn how to breastfeed properly


How milk is made, nipple inversion, cleft lip and palate,

advantages of breast feeding for baby mouth, tongue and speech development.

If you can not find anyone near you to help you work out how to help baby feed easily,

Build up supply?

MUST use real moxa.  . .never touch the body with it.

Drink water – at least 4 litres a day – as the average adult I feel should be on 3 litres daily . .


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Wise womanly advice backed up by 40 years of being a natural health care professional.

What one woman said recently . .

‘Little bub breastfeeds until there is no more it seems , then receives his milk topups from local mums breastmilk. Each day we are reducing the amount from other mums to get him wanting/receiving more gold from me. Really the biggest ongoing transformation is in the energetics of our feeding relationship. I no longer feel disempowered and confused, i feel comfortable feeding for however long he wants or needs. Today he has fed and fallen asleep on the breast three times milk-blissed, so that is a great sign of movement in milkyliciousness’.

So simple . . .
Trust yourself

And my extensive personal and clinical maternal life experience

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