Baby Shock

What Are The Consequences Of Birth Shock
– Baby Becomes An Adult?

Dr John Shen’s whole pulse framework model sat on top of his four levels of functioning model. This entailed understanding the nervous/circulatory/digestive and then organ functioning systems.

For everything to work well as opposed to mechanically – for everything to be optimal . . . , it was important that initially the heart was open and not shocked. We may remember that the pericardium function is said to begin the instant we take the first breath. You may remember from anatomy lectures that the fetal circulation has to switch at birth to shut the umbilical and begin the adult version of life. In this instant, anything that affects/impacts upon the being within this transformation is imbedded as a part of the blueprint – and nature did not intend us to not have all the love hormones and associated bonding imprinted into us then. Modern birthing practices and the current fear base we birth through is not conducive to growing up happy and healthy adults.

Looking at the info below, we can see how important the initial seconds/minutes of independent life are. This presumes you also understand a bit about his life model Impact of influences on a person’s life – has been covered in depth elsewhere in my writings. At changes of hormonal shifts – puberty, change of domestic arrangements – originally marriage and on pregnancy and in menopause, we as women can redeem or wreck ourselves.

Baby Needs To Be Born Vaginally

Baby is in a perfect, though increasingly cramped heavenly setup. Eventually, it is time to be introduced to gravity, personal temperature controls, digestive experiences and breathing – in addition to the touch, light, sound and smell explosion that being outside mum brings. To prepare baby for this change, birthing is perfect – increasingly urgent contractions squeeze bub – allowing the circulation to wake up. The lungs that may have been practicing breathing with the amniotic fluids are efficiently drained through the birthing canal’s narrowness – the usual downwards facing outwards vaginal journey
emptying them.

Baby becomes awash with hormones – both triggered through his/her body response to this momentous expedition and indirectly through the maternal response’s via the placental blood flow. Baby and mum are being primed for their introduction to ensure that each is imprinted with the specialness of the other.

This only will ever happen once at the instant of exit, through the intact separation of the physical connection between them. Please investigate this in the writings found on

Shocking Situations In And After Utero Life

I have a woman whose baby who had such a poor prognosis due to his various heart defects that she was recommended he be terminated. As she refused, baby was to be born vaginally as it was safer that way. The team would have been assembled when she went into labour, but he rallied with the entire attention mum found through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutritional supplements and regular massage to assist the placenta to grow baby as well as possible.

When she finally went to the cardiac unit for his surgery, she met another mother of a baby with a massive tumour growing out of his face – who was also vaginally born – again because it is noted that babies are safer born this way and when very compromised need a vaginal birth. This baby had surgery to keep him alive as he emerged from his mother’s vagina!!!

A colleague in Netherlands had a woman whose baby was very badly affected by that again; the operative team was called in for labour and set to work instantly baby was born. So what is so precious about an IVF baby or one where mum has full health cover insurance and doesn’t want to feel baby coming out?

What Are We Doing Instead?

At a recent baby focused event, I watched the passing parade of expensive baby carriages with their passengers – a great number of these babies with blue or red marks around the centre of their foreheads, or on the bridge of their noses. This may be taken as some form of ‘birth mark’ – and in a way it is – the imprint of shock – within the first month of life outside mum. Occasionally it is formed in the birthing process, and may apparently have always been there – it is the record of deep trauma to the personality as the very new unit (baby) was impacted hugely through a trauma that may not have even registered to the birth attendants, and mum herself. A child so altered WILL have extensive behavioral issues, often eventually creating actual physical cardiac and circulatory problems further into their adult lives.

Where Does The Research For This “Radical Notion” Come From?

The life work of a brilliant Chinese doctor, who studied people and their beginnings to work out what to do when they showed up distressed wanting ‘fixing’. Dr John Shen, an amazing Chinese herbalist, spent his life work observing and assisting people in many countries. He discovered a correlation between what happened around the time of the first breath and how that person viewed the world, how they perceived themselves and others, and how they carried themselves throughout their lives.

Dr Shen was able to predict what would happen when seeing someone decades before they experienced the very real health dramas, and could explain why a person was who they were – all through pulse, face and energy diagnosis. We all hold our own libraries of life lived within, and those who have the skills and training can read us as they would a book.

He was able to demonstrate that the shock of induction or any trauma around the instant of the first breath – sometimes occasioned by maternal inability to push when baby needed to breathe, then created a person who was always going to live in this shadow – handicapped.
He outlined nine different personality types, complete with eventual (decades later) body organ dysfunctions that occur at the different events that we take so much as being benign – and for our babies’ apparent good. All of these produce shock at the time when we are not competent to deal with it – as the circulation is transferring itself from fetal to adult functioning.

How Did We Lose Our Way?

How did we lose trust in our bodies and birthing? When did we discover that women’s wombs were dangerous? How did we even get to here as a species? Have we really looked at CONSEQUENCES past the medical interface? Past immediate medical culpability? Dr Michel Odent in France, with his primal research institute has been collating data around mothers and babies and what creates well people and has ‘joined the dots’ in his new website . He comes from a different perspective, and connects the studies with birth incidents.

Whilst we MAY have a decrease in infant and maternal mortality with the interventions heralded within the past two decades, we don’t seem to be blooming as a society in markers of maternal and baby connectedness. We seem to have an epidemic of distressed mums, babies and families. Further on, youth seem very destructive particularly of self, and following Dr Odent’s statistics, it is not difficult to see that we as a culture are in deep trouble, if we keep severing ourselves from our innate beginnings in love and nurturance.

Whilst we expel/eject new mums from where they apparently are ‘safest’ having babies (hospitals), before their milk even comes in, rates of breastfeeding problems, retention rates, ‘latching-on’ difficulties, mastitis and post natal depressions and infections are all way beyond what was expected a few decades ago, when a more mother rather than medical focus was fostered in medicine and hospital based care.

Then, when birthing was the domain more of allowing nature to provide, when she pleased, patience reigned. Pregnant mums were expected to be expectant. Pregnancy resulted in birthing when nature decreed. The worry/panic over possible pain and trauma was replaced eventually – as staying pregnant got more uncomfortable – baby got bigger and more difficult to accommodate – by a wanting to meet junior; a wanting to end the bigness;
and joyful trepidation into labour and its fruits. All this seems to have been replaced by likely fearful panics – and the flash new alternatives where we as women can forgo our initiation into motherhood, when we want, to suit ourselves.

What Are We Buying Into?

Not tempered by the flames of passion, we may have lost our primal parenting urges along the way though – can we even see past the medical glitter of ‘pain free’ convenient baby extraction? What of the babe? What of the shock of being plucked peacefully sleeping of being within a maternal haven, without warning or wakeup, into the hell that being outside must be? Even if we pretend the hormones that nature provides to ensure mum and babe know each other are NOT important – see , – there is actual damage being visited upon our youngsters whilst we coo and ooh over their ‘safe’ arrivals.


The first of these shocking events is induction. When did we become unsafe within our mothers? Where are the statistics to show that those prematurely attracted fare better as whole happy people than their fellows left to ripen naturally? Today, with the explosion of medicalised birthing practices we no longer seem to trust nature to keep us safe until we are ready to live independently. The obstetricians and midwifes no longer seem to trust their training as being anything like adequate enough to give us safe’ births. Birthing, like dying itself – both perfectly natural events – seem to be viewed as a crisis to be averted, and mum’s body to be unsafe once a magic date has been passed.

It may get down to – “DON’T WANT TO FEEL . . . . ?” No problem – just knock out all sensation, so you can’t help baby help her/himself out of a tight

Baby Extraction

Why put up with the immodesty and inconvenience of pushing and straining, and doing possible serious damage to ourselves, when we can in a sanitized fashion, be cut up, stitched up and all when we feel like it?

Leading Onto All Sorts Of Trouble

Mum feeling cheated – when do the happy mum feelings kick in? Why don’t I want to . . .

Baby not being bothered/too tired/doped to feed . . .. not recognizing the specialness ofmum (see either of two mentioned websites, or any of Dr Michel Odent or Dr Sarah Buckley’s writings).

Baby Shock

blue-mark It is difficult to pick the blue area up in this photo. It is often missed by parents who see the child constantly. If you start looking the area around the bridge of the nose and sometimes the forehead, you will see blue discoloration – and invariably this is a baby who has sleeping issues.

It is easy to tell a baby who is in shock – they are often screaming, ‘colicky’, ‘nervy’, unsettled, difficult and not peaceful. These children may well scream at apparently nothing – they need to be relieved of their trauma, and eventual controlled crying is hardly the way of it. There may be an accompanying blue line, or mark around the centre of the eyes. Birth trauma stagnates energy and hence blood flow in the vicinity of the heart indicator – the bridge of the nose. One of my sons ‘caught’ this when three weeks old, and carried the visual evidence of this shock until he was about seven years old, when it faded off his face. The person holding him sat on a seat that collapsed, and she, being every demonstrative, expressed fully the shock she felt – imprinting it indelibly onto my baby’s psyche.

What To Do?

  1. Ideally, don’t break what has been evolved over millennia in our best interests.
  2. Do not expect that the medical framework to have all the answers, as their focus is physical dysfunction/disease management, not health care. ‘Shock’ is not registered in a tissue that can be seen under microscopic examination. Structure and minute changes there intimately connect to how a being may function. A compassionatechiropractor/osteopath will assist the physical manifestations. The more energic shadows may be assisted through vibrational medicines. Seeing a kinesiologist may allow much ‘off planet’ work to be achieved, within the different dimensions that we carry, and that influence us. There is always a reason for everything – looking only in one direction is not necessarily going to find it for you or your family.
  3. Seek good osteopathic/cranial chiropractic care as soon after baby is born as possible.
  4. Rescue Remedy is sometimes sufficient – often – just a drop on finger into baby’s mouth, even inside ear may absorb. Definitely mum to take, as she was usually also in the story.
  5. Take Kalina Rose’s “Healing Birth” drops – vibrational essences that have been formulated to clear all echoes of trauma around every aspect of birthing – for all the adults, who have also carried their ancestral memories, and who are recreating the stories as lore themselves. “Welcome Newborn” as a follow-on, to ground the being here, allowing the lessons that do occur to not freshly traumatize new being.
  6. Be patient. Baby is brand new. Baby is a mammal, tuned into survival mode. Baby responds to all sorts of stimuli that we have been trained to not see/feel. Baby can not make the sense we make of things. We have been blunted through disconnected living. As highly sensitive creatures, babies are attuned to their guts and to their hearts, in a way that we have lost long ago.
  7. If baby acts upset, baby IS upset. Do not discount what you do not personally feel/ understand. Be particularly aware of the possibility that the energy the baby is in – your and partner’s relating/wider family connections/whatever – is toxic -dripping with unsaid and unexpressed unfinished business.

What If “Baby” Is Now A Child Or Is Your Own Self?

What has happened at the beginnings of our independent life from mum impacts upon us immeasurably. The in utero life according to Dr Shen’s life long clinical observations, creates the template upon which we grow into ‘people’ and have our own personalities and expected behaviours. Being gentle on yourself is the key. Treat yourself as the newborn you once were. How would you assist yourself if you were that one? Imagine that you carry within still a vestigial baby, who needs all that a physical babe in arms may.

Start by taking yourself away from all situations where un-safety is a factor. This is often the very relationship you are trying to conceive or rear a ‘real’ baby within. So why?

Possibly to actually wake up and help yourself – the separate new born may have been manifested just so you can clearly see what you have done to yourself. To get you to move out of your stuck position within yourself. Find some form of vibrational healing to work through this with – Aura Soma is a
stunning place to begin – beautiful clear colours with messages of help in hope which gently and powerfully allow the healing to happen.

Give yourself time. Each day. Yours. When no-one has claim to you. Not so you can get in with reading that novel, writing that assignment, fixing that whatever – time for you is your gift to yourself – reflection/defragmentation time. Real quality. As with the airline ministrations of putting your own mask on first – doing this will allow you to fill your cup, so you do have some to give, and with joy, rather than through obligation.

Realise that this may be your real inner life work. Especially if you find this information at its heart extremely contrary to everything you feel about yourself and how to behave. We all get to work with that which we resist the most. It may not be easy, but it does wait for us, just getting more insistent and louder, until eventually, we just cannot ignore it.

cooper1 cooper2

Baby Who Would Have Died– after his surgery and with and without needles used to reroute any energy /meridian disturbances from his life saving surgery. His mother was too attached and having two sons already could not conceive of killing another – hence Cooper is a testament to maternal bloodymindedness and all of our efforts. He is shown here with the needles to bridge the heart surgery.

He could not feel them – yet when I inserted Co11 just to see if this was the case he tried to remove it . . .