About Me

About Me – Heather Bruce

Originally from New Zealand, I completed my initial acupuncture training in Brisbane, Australia at a college allied to Dr van Buren’s college in the Netherlands (ICOM), in 1979.

Instead of furthering education in China, I intertwined my acupuncture adventure by raising four children, birthing them over a gap of 18 years.

(1977 – 1994)

This led me to be very interested in women’s health issues, branching into all forms of maternity and healthy family life.

Whilst I was co designing, writing and delivering the ACA (Brisbane) under-graduate course in the early 1980’s, I have also continued my passion of educating all. At any level – mentoring acupuncturists and fellow healers, delivering post graduate seminars, focusing on the Eight Extra Meridians, ensuring maternal mammalian and sustainable humanity.

Passionate about self help and of life enhancing education, I know that change is an essential part of any healing process. Your being a partner in your healing is required.

I can only help as you allow.
As with birthing – it is YOU that births – I can hold the space only when you seek to heal.

Your journey through your own inner blocks, empowering you to own your own healing journey.

I call upon a mix of vibrational, medicinal and practical tools, acupuncture, naturopathy, Chinese herbs and life counseling, coupled with my deep respect for the soul purpose of being here at this time, and the holistic approaches gained from following traditional ways – the Maya/Arvigo in particular.


Now semi retired, I am bringing through my own version – as Heather’s Gentlng Ways – to allow nature to shine through again..