Birth Stories

Birth Stories from Heather’s Patients

Here are a few stories my patients have sent to me which may enlighten and/or inspire you:

Positive Birth Stories from others

The innate ability of each woman to give birth guided by her body’s wisdom, with trusted attendants, in soft private spaces, has been largely taken over by the international billion dollar high-tech low-touch obstetrics industry. This ‘active management’ of childbirth alters the mix of hormones that evolution has provided to help ease mother and baby through birth. Traumatic popular culture images, non-factual historical references and urban horror stories of childbirth reinforce birth-fear causing the very muscles designed for childbirth to constrict and tense. The result? Widespread ‘complications’ and unnecessary interventions leaving mothers and babies traumatised and affected.

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What if your Doctor is WRONG?

“It’s a safety precaution in case some unforeseen complication arises.”

Delivery Room Football …