The Pregnancy Map

The Pregnancy Map

The Pregnancy Map your ‘glove box’ go-to break-down service guide – for your body – not a car – your instruction manual – how and what runs your body/being?

  • How we were all made,
  • the forces that shaped us
  • what we may need healing from


  • THM-3dAn essential background to life – fascinating in its depth and ability to ‘join dots’ for you.

If pregnant – how your own baby will be made.

How you were shaped within your mother – and how this is still affecting you, and what you can do to alter what has happened . . at any stage of your life.

Answers what others can’t

and possibly what you never thought to ask

Why all that you may have done STILL is not giving you the peace, the comfort or possibly the babies that you so desperately want. Especially post birth trauma for you and baby – of any/all ages.

A wellness model. Return to normal functioning – restoration of your blueprint.

Maybe this missed you the first pregnancy – but now you want to know how to make sure ‘perfect’ happens THIS time . . and/or how to heal from what happened before ..

  • Covers the key concepts in Chinese medicine – Qi, Shen and Jing.
  • Your early life impacting upon the rest of your life.
  • How to enhance your life, and that of your future children.
  • The process of illness, and how to reverse out of it.
  • How the presence of cold impacts upon the life giving processes that keep bodies working well.
  • How your digestive system really works plus the common things we do to mess with this, then restricting enjoyment of life.
  • Hormonal disruption, how to change this, how to have a natural pregnancy leading to an easy baby and the map of all the meridians in the body and how these systems interact in wellness.
  • The role of hormones as seen through the eyes of a different model – allowing an explanation of all the menstrual/emotional and fertility problems that so often plague those who are not following through with the plan a woman’s body being capable of unfolding – easy periods, fertility and pregnancy and birthing.
  • How NOT to break the natural perfect system that Nature has for us when we live well and let well alone.

Extensive links through the 120 pages to other interesting sites, and articles and YouTube footage from all over the globe, so you can see just how the forces that made you have operated, how you were made and what to do to help the baby you may be making, or thinking of making.

As the foundation book for all the pregnancy packages, this allows you to see why it is so important to look after yourself BEFORE and during pregnancy and what happens when you do  healing – for you and the precious baby you are making!!! It is NOT all about ‘genetics’ – you can make differences!

sample-The-Human-Matrix Read a sample Page

Soon to be renamed again – possibly – Your Inner Wealth, (As this is what is all about – how you have a foundation that allows your life to unfold well – or not so well – and what to do to make it better)

The Human Matrix (in some of the eBooks still is called by the beginning titles – the ‘Body Map’ and prior to that the ‘Pregnancy Map’) when you buy all of the other packages from Heather’s shop

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