Gestational Diabetes Solutions

Gestational Diabetes Solutions

What can you do to help yourself?

gestational-diabetes-3dYou may have been told you have, or may develop Gestational Diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes never occurs alone – so see what else you may have as a set of symptoms – and what you can easily remedy, and simply, safely at home.

What are you eating? Often that is the key.

Changing this will change the course of your pregnancy, and your baby’s future.

Maybe resolving this is as easy as working WITH not AGAINST your body – understanding how to look after your baby inside your body with a different framework – the acupuncture energy and naturopathic ones work effectively and quickly – by supporting you.


  • What is Gestational Diabetes
  • GD’s link with PCOS
  • Why hot and warm feet at night are a warning sign of trouble ahead
  • A healthy eating plan, what you can do to help yourself grow a great baby and a more easy pregnancy from now on leading into a delightfully easy birth and wonderful time as a mother
  • How others have completely their health forever just by following these steps

Find within…

An easy to read eBook with a great deal of links to informative and up to the minute research.
Why you could heal yourself so very easily. All just through improving your eating to rescue your health.

Sample pages:

moxa_in_pregnancy pp 4-5


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Heather’s Gestational Diabetes is available in the package:

Easy Babies – Pregnancy

Easy Babies – Birthing