Releasing Your Natural Flows – Men

restoring-natural-flows-3dReleasing Your Natural Flows

– Lymphatic & Prostatic Drainage for Men

Got sore back/legs?

DVTs? Sporting injuries/compartment syndrome?

Prostate worries – maybe a ‘family history’ of cancer – or have had it yourself – and want to improve your quality and length of life?

Old fella not standing to attention quite so often/intensely/on command any longer?


All answers found here.

Just need to get into self help – and a lot of this massage can be done by you – and if you have a partner to assist – so much the better . ..


Within you will find . .

  • Why do lymphatic drainage?
  • Lower Body Fluid/Painful Pubic Symphysis pain resolution
  • Lower lymphatic drainage
  • Clearing the inguinal region
  • Finishing off
  • What Else May Help?

Sample page . .