Iodine – ingredient for life

There is an epidemic of Iodine deficiency – one that affects all of us.

This ebook contains the answer to almost all the problems you have.

Living in today’s world has thrown up problems that the current medical models are aware of. Increases in the amounts of competing halides – look no further than your water tap, your electronic devices, the foods you eat, and the air that you must breathe (outgassed toxic substances) – to know that you are in trouble.

We all are.

The answer?

Avoid all further halide contamination.
Paint iodine on your skin and allow your body to work out what it needs to do.

Eat more iodine rich foods.
Swap the iodine added white salt for real Himalayan (and do a salt detox – find out about this on the net) or celtic sea salt – either way – inundate yourself with what you need to replace what was supposed to be in your every cell – and feel and see the difference instantly!!
Find out more now – at no cost.

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