Living In It

Living In It

Living-In-It-3dHere I share the knowledge and wisdom gained from over three decades of helping women on their own healing paths. The little “red book” originally written in 2000 for patients to help them understand women’s issues. Sold out in hard copy, but now available as an eBook.

A great introduction to my other works – a quick and easy way of looking at life through the eyes of an energy model – the ‘why’ of what is happening to you. From there –  how to change yourself to change what is bothering you.

Why Do We Eat –  how to sustain a life nourishing all parts of ourselves.

Why do We Bleed – living in a woman’s body/life).

Why Do We Suffer – (the inner programmes that have us believing there is only one way – ours -and what we could do instead of running this, as it often causes us such grief to be stuck in the resultant cage of beliefs.


128 pages – mostly in diagram form for ease of understanding

An owner’s manual, especially useful for the woman who finds herself not enjoying all that being a woman brings in her life.  This covers how we can totally change ourselves through listening to our bodies and having nature as our guide.

Perhaps start here, as an introduction into the rest of my work.

Found as part of the Woman’s Vitality Package