Reunion : Healing Breath – Guided Meditation

Reunion : Healing Breath – Guided Meditation

Now available for download as mp3 files

Reunion CD 3dThis product is created for those who :

  • seek healing beyond the conscious processing of the past
  • recognise an inner yearning
  • AND who have experienced difficulty in:
    • quietening the physical
    • stilling the mental
    • harmonising the emotional body
    • visualising well (or at all)

Connecting with your intention to heal, to your personal Soul Star, and bringing light through to wash away the accumulated energy stored within, returning to the spark of light you really are.

  • Track 1 – Gradual physical release
  • Track 2 – Emotional cleansing towards spirit reunion

This two-track gift is highly recommended whenever you can’t relax or sleep. The first track is called ‘physical release, and takes the listener through a journey of their body unwinding, tensing and releasing all that is caught within. Through breathing and visualising colours, the gentle and systematic undoing of what is being held (often for decades) can allow the physical to let go.

This is a great beginning into letting go emotionally. The pictures found here show the story as you are walked through releasing all that is wound up in your energy fields, previously making it very difficult to forgive and move on.

This is especially useful if you are doing ANY release work:

Moving things from your energy fields really helps in tackling the deep seated ‘blockages’ in our energy patterns and our lives and slowly but surely unblocking them and opening the way to a more conscious, vital and present life.

Particularly so when resolving past upsets. Release letter writing as a form of ‘communication’ (with those no longer here on this plane) so the setting free can happen – let you fly yourself so very well (this letter writing and other methods are given in the Getting Out of Our Own Way eBook – that this comes with).

We are all clouds of light and shadow . . . and energy . .

See the process/journey the second track takes you through here.

Thoughts from those who have used this meditation:

“This meditation CD voiced so gently by a female antipodean voice is designed to help you connect with your essence as a Being of Light. It is a practical meditation which helps bring you into the moment and let go of blocked energies and past hurts or misunderstandings. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to break out of old patterns and be lighter and more present and joyous in their lives. Thank you for the most wonderful meditation. I am listening to your lovely voice and inspired music daily.”Quinne, UK

“Heather’s ‘Healing Breath Guided Meditation’ has brought profound and positive changes to my life in a very short time. I started listening to it after an acute dose of vomiting and diarrhoea brought up by my daughter’s birthday because of deep anger I was holding on to about past relationships and old hurts. I had done some counselling and had felt some improvements in my ability to deal with those things but I was still holding on to them in my body and so it chose the birthday to eject them in a violent way!

‘Listening to the meditation for me is a really beautiful experience because I can feel the tingling as I imagine the divine and exquisite light flowing through my body. The script is beautifully written and articulated and phrases from the meditation would come to me during the day that slowly and deeply provided insights into the problems that my mind was dwelling on.

‘One particular relationship with a former mentor had ended with animosity just after my daughter’s birth and I hadn’t seen that person for 5 years. But there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think about her and go over events in my head and feel the anger and hurt and frustration from that time. As I listened to the CD I started to see those things in a different light, from a different point of view and definitely more positively. I started to feel ready to forgive. And then my Mum rang to say ‘you’ll never guess who I bumped into last night … she wanted you to know how sad she was about how your relationship ended and she’d love to see you’. I know that meeting was no coincidence and I knew we were both ready to forgive and continue what had been a most stimulating, rich and rewarding relationship. I rang her straight away and we were both so pleased to be back in touch and all the hurt of those years just fell away. We’ve agreed not to dwell on what happened but to start afresh from today. What a gift Heather’s meditation has been to my life.

‘I have used this as a healing tool in so many instances in my life. On a more physical note, when I feel a sense of things not working well in my body, without being sure why, I find it is a very handy way to reconnect with myself. One evening I was in a lot of pain and not knowing what else to do, I did the Healing Breath meditation and focussed on letting go the blocked energy in that area. During the meditation the pain disappeared completely, but as soon as I finished it, the pain returned but not as strongly. By morning it had gone and the bleeding had stopped. In one sense I was amazed that it was that quick, but on another level I’m not surprised. The meditation is so clear and the instructions so straightforward on how to let go old energy that you just go with the flow of the words and let your breath and your body do the work.

‘For this and for so many other insights, I am very grateful. This meditation is a beautiful gift to the world”. — Ann, Brisbane, Australia

“When I was handed this CD I felt it was just what I had been looking for. A chance to relax, but still do some constructive work on and for me in a way that left me feeling more whole, more real and more me.

‘What I hadn’t expected was my 15 year old son deciding to try out this meditation thing. He absolutely loves listening to the CD and appears to meditate at least two or three times a week. He tells me that he feels calmer and more in touch with the world, seeing colours and hearing more clearly than before.

‘I heartily recommend getting your hands on this CD to bring some peace and tranquillity into your life”. Leonie, Christchurch, NZ

‘”Healing Breath’ is just that – empowering and relaxing. An awakening occurs that brings a deep silence and peace of the mind and body. With this, I have found that negativity doesn’t exist anymore”. — Ryan (15 years)

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