Menstrual Rescue

Honouring Your Bleeding – Menstrual Rescue

Menstrual Rescue - a guide to having normal periodsEasy, safe and effective ways to help not just your periods, your moods, and your baby making apparatus, but your life as a woman.

How you can drastically alter your life – easily – by following the steps outlined in this practical inspirational package.

No matter what ‘diagnosis’ you have been given.

Your body is designed to heal itself.

If it is upset and making its presence known – you are being given warnings.

Perhaps now is a good time to listen?

 You may want to invest in the entire package ($57) – as once you understand how easy being a woman can be – you will want to know more. .
Saves a lifetime of interventions and still the hassles that a dishonoured woman’s body brings!!!

Perhaps start with Monthly Cycles – so you know what normal is and the rest is then easy!!!

Found as part of the Woman’s Vitality Package

Your guide to menstrual health.