Energy changes for a better life

There are so many ways a body wears itself down – trying to keep all working well.
Whether it is ‘being hormonal’ or ‘stressed’ – there are ways that all may find themselves in a mess.

Going off to a medical specialist who looks as though with a telescope wth one section of your life/disease/life process – as though your life/ body disease /life process/ is divided up into bits – may not be as useful as addressing all of the problems where they start. In the energy that runs the physical.

Here we are looking at the energy model that allows the structure to be – energy runs the physical body at every turn.

The orthodox medical model you are used to is a very small part of what we need to investigate if we want to make changes, or understand the role of health and illness.
‘No energy’ is usually: it is stuck and needs liberating.


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