Maternal Age and Baby Readiness

Maternal Age VS Baby Readiness?

Inner Changes For a Well Pregnancy

Maternal Age and Baby Readiness

 The secret is out

it is NOT about your age, but how old (well) you are on the inside. That magic AMH test is not showing what is really happening –

Change your health and your fertility improves

No medical specialist can help you with this. Not in their scope of practice – they are surgeons who work with illness.

You can become younger and more fertile


You need to be very well – your ‘ovarian reserve’ as measured by the approximate blood test is nothing more than a report of your current state of health. You know you don’t feel vital and alive…

Better health – better fertility – easier pregnancy – better babies

So .  . ..

Perhaps start asking useful questions

Can I improve my AHM? YES

Can I improve my menstrual health? YES

Will this make a difference to my pregnancy? YES

Can I be in a better state after making my babies than before? YES

How is this possible? Look to healthy living and watch the years melt away.

We do not all age the same rate

The AMH test does NOT reflect the state of a woman’s inner strength, preparedness, or even ability to reproduce. Your BIOLOGICAL age is not about how many birthdays you have had. See how all those supposedly ‘hormonal’ problems that may plague you – especially endometriosis – are actually just warnings from your body that it needs help – and when you provide this, a flood of babies will follow.    Naturally!

Thoughts from a very thankful reader:

“After reading the Inner Changes book, (having a healthy body BEFORE pregnancy) I can write how that helped me. After thinking that the appalling endometriosis was the problem, I reconnected with myself and started looking inside and what to do to actually change how my body worked myself.

It showed me how to stop focusing on falling pregnant and start looking at being the healthiest I could be to carry a baby. I took comfort in knowing I had a year or so to get healthy on the inside before I did. But after so long trying, once I was changing my ways – It happened a lot quicker than that. 

It wasn’t so much what I put in my mouth, as I have always been a very healthy eater and exerciser. It was about how I managed my stress. Heather’s work opened my eyes to the effects of stress on my body and my baby making chances. I realised that me stewing in things that upset me, all day; and not speaking up about things wasn’t just effecting my state of mind, but also my hormones, periods and my fertility.

‘I was able to pin point symptoms and relate them to my emotional state and then do something about it. I take a lot more time for myself now and am putting my needs first. The biggest thing I learned was to ask people to do things for me, instead of me always looking after everyone else’s needs. I can do this now without feeling guilty and I realised I had to speak up, to get my needs met. This is the biggest gift anyone can have! I passed the book on to anyone I knew like me so they could have this wisdom as they were all fixated on fertility as I was. Our bodies are a result of the environment we provide it with…..

Thanks Heather for enlightening myself and some very special people in my life. It was the greatest gift I could pass on to them.”  – MICHELLE C (accidentally pregnant AGAIN way before I thought I would be)

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