Avoiding Early Pregnancy Loss

Avoiding Early Pregnancy Loss

Avoiding Early Pregnancy Loss
You may have wondered why, when you had a miscarriage or any form of early pregnancy losses or why the IVF implantation did not happen, that there is a lack of understanding of the causes – thus how to make baby making fail safe.

Here you learn some of the answers to the questions no one seems to know. Especially how to make sure you do not have another miscarriage, or to ensure that the IVF  results in a healthy baby from an easy pregnancy.
Learn Why Here

    • What to do to lessen your chances of having a false start
    • What to do if you feel you may miscarry – especially if it has happened before
    • What to do to enhance your likelihood of another mishap passing you by

Look the whole body – not just the bits that are involved directly in baby making – the gut and your sleep are two to start with. .

Maybe your metabolism and thus digestion and immune systems are upset – by the cold that is part of icing injuries – and past births – not a good idea – or through only drinking cool/cold fluids and eating a lot of raw foods – this all is part of the picture – when you take a holistic look at life.

Here is a quick preview of the valuable information you will have at your fingertips:

  • How to Avoid an Early Pregnancy Loss
  • Why a Loss Happens Once Baby is Started
  • For Her – Periods and what they should be like
  • For HIM – how his contribution says whether precious embryo develops past 6 weeks.
  • The role of nourishment and how critical eating well is.
  • The Acupuncture Model and how it is used to explain how a body works or not
  • Early Pregnancy Loss – Blighted Ovum – what is it and what does it mean?
  • Early Pregnancy Loss – Ectopic Pregnancy, how would it affect you?
  • Early Pregnancy Loss – Molar Pregnancy, what it is and the cause
  • Maternal Inability to Hold A Pregnancy. Why do some women seem incapable of lasting the distance and what to do about this
  • Incompetent Cervix – how will this affect my pregnancy?
  • Imminent Miscarriage – What to do if you think you may be in danger of miscarrying
  • How Acupuncture Can Help when things are not working as expected
  • Healing After Miscarriages. There is always some damage to the body when things go wrong.
  • Learn what you can do to return your body to perfect health
  • History of Repeated Miscarriages/IVF Failure – Does this mean you are doomed to failure?
  • What are the Arguments Against Following Nature?
    Why would you not follow nature?
    Find out what others may say and how to make up your own mind.

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How to have an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

You are about to discover:

  • Why there is no such thing as an “unexplained miscarriage”
    – when your doctor says there is no reason for your miscarriages you need to look elsewhere for answers.
  • How to make sure your partner is not unwittingly sabotaging your pregnancy
  • How to ensure your pregnancy is uneventful and results in an easy birth and a happy, healthy baby
  • What causes miscarriage and how you can make sure it does not happen to you again
  • Why doctors do not know what causes most pregnancy losses
  • The secret diet which will ensure you have a perfect pregnancy
  • How to maximise your baby’s chances for a healthy life and avoid having a sickly child
  • Things you should never do when pregnant if you want to avoid a possible miscarriage
  • What really happens when you pay for an obstetrician’s services
  • Revealing questions to ask your doctor to find out if they have your best interests at heart

Great preconception preparation is the key.

How healthy are you as your future baby’s parents BEFORE the magic of pregnancy happens?

It does matter… a lot

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