Relieving Pregnancy Aches and Pains

Relieving Pregnancy Aches and Pains


Pregnancy should be a time for the body to be the best it ever has been.
If it is not – there is much you can do.
Pregnancy is a celebration of life – it is not a disease.

For you to be in pain, or uncomfortable – LIFE changes are to be made.
Pain is usually telling a story.

Simple Natural Safe Effective Solutions

Firstly look to your diet (See Healthy Eating in Pregnancy). Look also to the sleep and the sun and the exercise and the time you have for you in your life.

Relieving Pregnancy Aches and Pains – a self help, effective way to be a happy, healthy mum!

Sample pages:

back pain in pregnancy


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Helpful tip

See also see Back Pain in Pregnancy. Get your own copy of the comprehensive hard copy manual and DVD  What Dads Can Do

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Available as part of both the Pregnancy and Birthing packages – once this issue is resolved you will be wondering what else you can do to help yourself – easily safely and effectively for much better quality of life!!

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