Research into Improving Sperm Quality

Research into Improving Sperm Quality

improving_sperm_quality-3dHow you can help yourself make your own naturally conceived babies in the safety and comfort of your own bedroom:

You may wonder why the medical assisted reproductive specialists seem to not know what you find within these pages. You may also after having many reproductive mishaps – often after years of doing everything ‘right’ – find that there are no answer as to why there were only miscarriages, unsatisfactory embryo transplants or even no fertilisation to show for your efforts. You may ask why no one suggested that there were very simple effective things you could do in your everyday life to alter your chance of being a dad.

I cannot answer why others have not taken the short amount of time it takes to start the Internet search. This information is hidden in plain view. It is not a secret that changing your ways will change you sperm. It is all about the state of your health and modern medicine is about disease management – not health restoration.

Even if you have been told it is impossible for you to become a father naturally, or at all – there may well be hope as many have tried these simple additions in their lives – and gotten rid of the sperm destroying habits – and are now very happily fathers.

What to expect within;

Chapter 1 outlines some of the research that is easily found when you search online for reactive oxidative stress – one of the leading issues in make infertility that you may never have heard of. This is primarily as YOU have to make changes to your life to change your sperm health. No one makes money on this deal. You do however life, your chances rise substantially of having a natural conception and a perfect baby if you do so.

Chapter 2 introduces the idea that the body works as a whole and that the various supplements you may think to take need to be in the context of a well functioning body/mind.

Chapter 3 explores the Chinese medical rationale behind looking after yourself so your gut works optimally – the sperm made will be far better quality should you take this advice.

Chapters 4 & 5 outline the digestive troubles that may await you should you miss following sound advice and chapter five offers simple solutions to these.

How to put it all together – found in Chapter 6 – food and supplements

All you may just need to let go the medical limitations

Sperm can get better – they depend on your heath and that is in your hands.

Start living more simply, naturally.

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