Morning Sickness Solutions

Morning Sickness Solutions

Morning Sickness SolutionsSee how my over 35 years of clinical practice has honed pregnancy woes to easy solutions.

Pregnancy nausea/health distress is very easily fixed. Simple. Natural. Foolproof.

Being pregnant is not supposed to mess with your life. If it does – you may ask – how to get well first so future pregnancies are not a trial. How to feel good when first pregnant?

Being plagued with an inability to eat or be happy or even grow a healthy baby is not a joke – yet there seems so little mainstream medicine knows of this – or is written about what to do, but to wait until the pregnancy is over. This is even worse if you are one of the 0.5 – 2% of women struck down with Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Read how a sensible, safe approach to life and eating can revolutionise your life – and your baby’s future!  Simple as following what has been the backbone of the traditional medicine of most of Asia – easy changes to your life will make such a difference ..

The Problem

Morning sickness/pregnancy nausea/feeling disgusting/not being able to eat and when severe possibly Hyperemesis Gravidarum . The body seems to have forgotten how to ‘do’ digestion.

What should go down, and behave itself, is thinking of coming back up.  Or is. Constantly. Often associated with feeling dreadful, no energy and wondering if it is all worth it. Leading to maternal exhaustion. worry and inability to function.

The Reason ‘Why’

Being pregnant, the underlying other health imbalances that may have been silent prior to pregnancy are adding to the complete pregnant shift in the body. The energy for digestion should be downwards. Maybe you are not poohing enough, and/or not drinking enough warm water, and/or are having fluids or food or environments that are cold or chilled, overpowering your gut energy that should be strong now, and/or craving and eating sweet things, and/or are upset or at all fearful – something is creating a loop where the contents of the stomach are in rebellion. On top of this, or in addition – you nay be very angry and pent-up about something.

The Solution

From an energy perspective find out what is the bother and antidote this, whilst not recreating it. This means NOT accepting nausea as normal: not saying ‘it will pass’, or ‘that’s what happens’ – but actively stopping the weakened digestion from becoming worse.

SOMETHING has to be in your stomach that is not cold, raw or sweet in taste – and a little frequently.

Forget about meal times.

Salty is best.

Well before pregnancy – get prepared.

If you are often with a digestive or stress upset – make sure it is attended to and over before conception – things can only get worse under this strain. your gut bacteria normalised, and ensure no gall-stones (naturopathic cleanses are best) – allowing a healthy liver to process all hormones and life easier.

Found within “Morning Sickness Solutions”

  • What sets nausea in motion
  • how you can avoid it altogether
  • or at least undo what you may have been doing to contribute to it.

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