Liberate Your Butt!

Liberate Your Butt!

butt_3dGot a back that seems to be weak or tired?

Simple answer – get a loved one on the job with a moxa stick (easily sourced with all acupuncturists or Chinese shops) and start to work letting yourself go.

The difference for all migraines, and shoulder complaints, as well as the lower back areas. It is so fast and easy!!! Spend longer between viists to the chiropractor or your physio.

After working on women for decades, especially when I started trying to change birthing perceptions and experiences, I discovered that using acupuncture THEORY and massage – and dads – made SUCH a difference.

In clinic I found when following on from this, it was very easy to change all the structural tension and loads people were carrying by doing the same work on them. This has led to a revolution in my clinic – almost all leave with a looser body – especially if tormented with upper body or sciatic/lower back complaints.

EXCEPT that most do not do follow it up with the homework. To this end, I have written this eBook to allow all the astounding changes in your body/pain levels/sexuality and bonding with your loved one – if you do the work.

Sample pages:

Liberate Your Butt! pp.14-15
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