OP Avoidance

Whether you have rescued baby from breech, (there was a reason to be in a medically un-condoned ‘awkward’ spot) or think that 40 weeks is a full term pregnancy, there may be something else that is missing. If your baby’s head is not hitting the ‘sweet’ spot in your cervix, labour just may not start …

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Baby Shock

What Are The Consequences Of Birth Shock – Baby Becomes An Adult? Dr John Shen’s whole pulse framework model sat on top of his four levels of functioning model. This entailed understanding the nervous/circulatory/digestive and then organ functioning systems. For everything to work well as opposed to mechanically – for everything to be optimal . …

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Breech Birth

Heather’s new ebook “Breech Solutions” is available on the eShop. If you have been told that your baby has settled into a non-optimum birthing position, this book will contain important information to help you decide the best course of action. The information here is different from what you may have seen before, in that I am coming …

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